National Human Rights Commission of India

National Human Rights Commission of IndiaThe National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of India is an autonomous public body constituted on 12 October 1993 under the Protection of Human Rights. The NHRC is the national human rights institution, responsible for the protection and promotion of human rights.

Address: Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi, PIN 110001

Phone: 91-11-23385368 : +919810298900

Fax: 91-11-23384863 (Administration)
91-11-23386521 (Law Division) For Complaints-filing
91-11-23073876 (Investigation)

For Query/suggestions please e-mail at : covdnhrc[at]nic[dot]in, ionhrc[at]nic[dot]in

Web: http://nhrc.nic.in/

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  • A.K.Mukherjee (@ Ashok Kumar Mukherjee)


    With great veneration and humbly orison the applicant do hereby submit you that,Eastern Coalfields Ltd.(i.e.ECL)
    Mugma Area,under CMD,ECL,HQ Sanctoria,PO:Dishergarh,District:Burdwan-713333,Sub-sideary of Coal India Ltd.10 Netaji Subhas Road Kolkata-700001 acquired (Rayati Rights Recorded) valuable cultivation land and not given compensation benifit,land value,employment or allocation/D.O.in lieu of compensation (as per Hon’ble High Court Order the was alloted allocation/D.O.under Land Loosers scheme,but so sorry to write you thereafter they have changed thgeir policy)under the tragic circumstances applicant feel that,a gross humiliation and gross violation of HUMAN RIGHT being infringed by the ECL Authority by depriving applicant’s from getting applicant’s ligitimate claim.Moreover applicant is a poor farmer and applicant’s family income is very low,you may realise the suffering and pain of a persion who has meet the requirement of a family within such low income,in the day’s of present hardship (i.e.after loosing their valuable cultivation land) a poor farmer find himself totally unable to cotinue the long terms case due to the financial crisis.It is matter of proud for your applicant that,as per direction
    of the Hon’ble President’s Secretariate,Rashtra Pati Bhawan and Hon’ble Prime Minister”s Office,& Ministery of
    Consumers Affairs,D/O Consumers Grievance Redressal Cell,Mr.A.K.Das Under Secretary,Government of India
    M/O Coal was forwarded File No:49029/25/2012/PRIW-I,Dated 26.11.2012,directed to the Chairman cum Managing Director ECL,HQ,Sanctoria to release Employment order,Land Value/compensation under land loosers
    scheme,the State Legal Services Authority West Bengal was pass an Order to release the same,the General
    Manager Planning ECL,HQ,Sanctoria also forwarded a Memo No:ECL/PLG/1671,Dated 29.10.13 this is a long awaited dream of a helpless Land Lost Farmer.But so-sorry to inform you that,the Assistant Manager LRE,ECL,
    Mugma Area (Mr.B.K.Palit)have submitted wrong information report to State Legal Services Authority,West Bengal
    M/O Coal,ECL,HQ,for which the Departmental Authority not given any employment order,compensation benifit, land value or allocation D.O.In the light of above subject the applicant request you to be gracious to consider this case sympathetically and take and efficacious and speedy steps regarding our redressal for the ends of justice and expecting guideline/direction/instruction to stop the harassement being made by the Assistant Manager LRE
    (Mr.Bimal Kumar Palit) for which waiting your yourapplicant.

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