Supreme Court of India

Supreme Court Of India, Tilak Marg, New Delhi, Delhi - Google Maps

scourt_172907fThe Supreme Court of India is the highest judicial Appellate Court and final court of appeal as established by Part V, Chapter IV of the Constitution of India. It is located in New Delhi.

Address: Supreme Court of India, Tilak Marg, New Delhi-110001 (India).

Phone: 011 23389621

PABX NOS. 011 – 23388922-24,23388942-44.

FAX NOS. 011 – 23381508 / 23381584 / 23384336 / 23384533 / 23384447.

For Query/suggestions please e-mail at : supremecourt@nic.in

Web: http://supremecourtofindia.nic.in/

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