A G Sreenivasamurthy vs The Deputy Commissioner on 3 April, 2008

Karnataka High Court
A G Sreenivasamurthy vs The Deputy Commissioner on 3 April, 2008
Author: K.L.Manjunath

IN arm in mm or zcmmsrnm A51′

mm mm -rm 3″‘ mac’ or APRIL, 2o1o§”’55.’;-Lf r.-


-ran nowma ma. aus-rxcm

war: PETITION 110.5472 2di;.s (i’M-z-d5fi;).~.<_%_., :3


1 A <3 snsnuzvnsamnmax
am new A G ¢3opA:.mR1-smm'.« T
mm Aaotrr A43 ' "

Rio 1:: no 19.6,’–.3)! ~


A nismxcsr
2 ‘riE comxmmxon 0:? names:

aassam ‘EJ\3ZS’1’RIC’.r

5f3A. ?:-“em sign 0? mmussram

REPTD 33: ms s

: nnpammm or zzzvmzux

* mmrzsri Buzzmm



.. . mmommau-3
(By Sri : 24.33% mas. )

THIS 13.9. 13 FILE UIHDE. Amxmas 2&’€.. £: ‘-

227 or nu coazsrxwrrrxoaw on man.
Qmsn Tu mmonsmmw mu 28.3.2008;”—- VIE”? ‘-

Ammxas. xsstmn TO mm pan:-roam: mm_”cmm_3:m$:

9’1’. 11.2.2008 VIBE

pzwxwzoums Rxmtrss ARE 3

This Petition oom1ng_on ‘£:§ r: V

hearing this day,


TM petitiomr ia the
legality and of of

their app1ioat_j.on’= . ‘£9; of jlelling

cixmmtaxnw, this Court

has writ: p¢:It;lnns issuing
~ guidelines as to how an Km

3 and one much unit p¢:.’t:ion is

Tw1,§;1ab.3932/07 cnspomd of on 15.2.2003.



4. In View of the afurasaid. ordem ”

writ petition ia allamad. In tha ‘ ”

dixactiarzs issuad in W.P.Ko;.;’§§3?;’9’2_T

cf 15.2.2ooa( Vfimfizm

mm-rz comasszomn,
matter is remanded.’~1;_o for
fresh mnsiwration of at the

petitioner :i.ny


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