A V Murthy vs State By Drugs Inspector on 11 January, 2010

Karnataka High Court
A V Murthy vs State By Drugs Inspector on 11 January, 2010
Author: Huluvadi G.Ramesh

” ‘~ {.13 I 3.141 V.,_R2t1.1’ – igi-isij’mi.~—-~r_.:.i*i

IN T141 153 I–{ICE}–I (‘(i)tFi{‘[” ()1? Ki»\I{:\’.A”II-1\i<A .»-'~\T I3;'\E\'(i}Al…(.)RE.
Dated this the ilm {lay uf.lzii1tm1'_\-', 2l}]{}

.THE H()N'BLI:" MR JUS7'IC7E 11131, U ml): G I€.':§;t:'!IitS.t*I"

CI'i:r1i1.r.a:' ]<'ct=ixinI.r I'€£ifi0.r.r.s' I-'J01 / 2007 c/w i T' '


A V M:.11’thy S/0 zntetnil sltetty T.

.Pi’0pi’iet01′– M/5; VCltl(i11.CSl1\V’£tl’£l Mc«;Iii’.;1l’:’.5S_t(1i’cs<

# 1465. Shop # 3590/l.S]'iVE1I't Krtlpd ' "

But’L1jii121i1;-1t1’i Ci1.’L’1£Z. I’ll D11. Grouitd 17310017″-_ – _ ,
Cl1iti’21clLi1’g21 1 V ” I~”ctiti’0i1cr

(“By Sri C V Sl1cc:t\’zmt._ Adv.)

A I1 (I:

Sidtfi — tny’V{)1’Ligs ii1s1j’tLtta_i’ V T

Blood BL”-%ttl{ & 1t1[Clligt31’iC{£”\VtI’i’§j_

Baiigziimc Di\-“‘iSi(_)t’L P£1VVi’;1Ct?”VR'()&~!dK”

B£1]1gil](}]’C 560 ()1?! V’ .V –~ Rcspoiiclciu

. ;H’.:i?§:C’..RC’»’Vi1§’~i§)l’t.~ I’etitioii~.’ are til:-ail 1.111621″ 8.397 of the Ci’.I’C pmyiiig to

SCI”»&-tfihldti’ this ‘ji.J.:(‘]i’gl1V1’€tt1 and ordcn’ dated 31. i().2(){}7 by the: Prl. S€_’SSi0[1S hidge.
CI1i[t’&t.Q’lLt1’gi.lvin C”i:]§Rl7″ 3iZ()()7 (L1l1ltCXLl1’C I3) and to set aside this order dated

« I4. I i.”2″{)()6″–ii’i C/{TY 71′)/2()(}6 hy the }ME7C. Cl1i[1’itLlL11’g21.

” Tl1c§<: RC\-'ih'i(}t'1 Petitions <:i1’1iii§g on for ]1CLt1’i11g this day. the Court

V’ ‘:.7{1;i :. Ive 1411-I: in I 1(}\-\=”i11gZ ‘if?/”

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