All India Association Of Teachers … vs The Medical Council Of India on 24 February, 2009

Karnataka High Court
All India Association Of Teachers … vs The Medical Council Of India on 24 February, 2009
Author: Anand Byrareddy



DATED THIS THE o?A"' 1);'?! OF FEBRUAI?§§',.'42:£i()fi£9  % 



wan' 1>ET1T1¢)N  5

Teachers in Eimlth'    V. 
No. 105, 6":'i~'.§'°3i'£%:'~:s, 2If'M'ain -[ 
1. ms 
Repte,semedV by.if£s_"'%     .. ' -

3_5é.Sid'33nIIa  ..... 

.  in~Biu Chemistry

'  B;  College

,  _  

Si*x:~ita'..S Méngalagi, 43 years

" Lssgctufer in Micm Bioiogy
 Patil Medical Callcge

Nilima Dongns, 37 years
D10 Nanda Kama: Doszgre
Lwlumr in Bio Chemistry
B. M. Patii Medical College


Medical Science, Bcllur
Mandya District

MD. Chikkaxma, 50 years   

Sfo Dodda Hnchaiah

Lecturer in Bio Chemistry
Adichunchanagiri Institute of _
Medical Science; Bellur 'V
Mandya District

12.1». Rajceshwarai A, 45  i  % 

D/o Arasegowda ; "

Assistant Pmfessxsr in Bi-:3 '   1, " 
Adichunchanagi;i'Instin:t¢: of   ' '

Medical  ' 

Mandya  .  
Assistant Proféasstiiiez 'Bi{:l"€'$*"aemis:try
Basavesfi wan;  lcgc

 " 'z4.A13rL':%su¢he:aKumari,47 years
 ' ,V'£"io £1  Shetty
'--- Pmfcastat in V3351; Chemistry

"K18.  Medical Academy

. _ ,S/éj_Shankatamn:~ayax1.ayya A. P.,
" . Asmmiaie Prnfhssor ofphysiolagy
K. S. Hegdt: Medical Academy

" V' " " Mangalore


  V 2.» ' » . Pockmj-I4, S$¢t3
    % %Re9r¢sented By its Secretary
A   * % 3   kuaém of India
 f 'Mir;-islry at Health & Family

A  '  Moulana Azad Road

l6.Dr. Shailaja, 42 years
D/o Kcshava Kunillayya
Assistant Pmfessur of Physiology
K. S. Hegde. Medical Academy

1'}'.Dr. Veena, 46 years
Die Y. L. N. Shetty    « 
Assistant Professor ofkiicro Biology  A j. 4'

K. S. Hegde Medical Academy

13.1». Manjula       
wzo Shanta:aniG._.H_     
Associate  in :}3§1rCh;:h:i"-my V

YenopoyafMedics}Vaz2d7'Den'ta!. CoIiegé"

Niflxyananda Nagm'F;tQ."   ' '

(By Shri.   Iicivmmie)
  ..  V' V .. _____ ..
1. m oflndia

 New Delhi»! 10 0'?S

Repifiesented by its Secretary
" Welfare, Nirmana Bhavan

New Delhi


. The State of Karnataka

Represented by its
Principal Sccnstary
Health & Family Welfare
(Medical Education)

M. S. Building
Bangalore-S60 001

. Rajiv Gandhi Univursiiy~-'£3?       k  
Health Sciences, 4"' T Black k  * ~

Iayanagar, Bangalore 

Represented   " 

Educa1*lc3:n,.AA11anci1iE;2znn fiimle ' *-  V  V

. The Pfificifxal  

B. M; Mama came
Bijgipi1:'A.  .

 é 3'-'#*~%=  j
" ._ N_ijaiingappa*Mg~:<iicul College
'Bag8JkaiT? .  A

" " g    Sieiziixttha Medical College

  A  .  pmipal
V'  " Basaveshwam Medical College


l0.Thc Principal

Adichunchanagiri Inslrimtte of


Medical Science, Bcilur
Mandy District 
I I The Principal _
K. S. Hegde Medical Acadeiily    . A  '   
Mangalurc: ' _    V RESP-.i;v}NDENTS"v

(By Shri. K. Shashikiran S.11etty,; Ad.\¥ecé1"u: for Resgxmdcnt No. 6;
Government Advocate' .__fc:r .Res,,vxV5nd_ent's.% Nos. 3 and 5,
Respondents N05. 7, 8, 9,  Shri. N. Khelti,
Advocate for Resp<3ndent__1~I,    'Kumar, Advocate
thr Respondent «No;-_ 2,}  N, Rasnesh, Advocate for

    'wear:-u .

This 'WI*§!fP§-iitfiifl is undér Articles 226 and 227 of the
Constitution. uf I13s"i:ia,"%ptayi;'i1g to quash the Ieuerfendorsement
dated 15.10.1200?' \5i¢ifiV'A}ing§§i:43t-. B issued by R65[JIJIldt3i'I[ No.1
and the Ieiiefdated 2.?.."EQ;2007 vide Annexnre C issued by
Respondent N6. v.4 as illegaf, arbitrary and violative of Articles "I4

 V. and __jiv§sL~vvCon$:iituii;::: oflndia.

 V  " 'having been heard and reserved on 27.l}.2008

and"-I<_:_-_5 m'ingf pmnouncement of orders on 24.022009, the
 dcliycfeéi the following :~


the Counsel {hr the panics.

2. The pctiliuner no-1 is :1 registered Asstxsialiun sf

ttmchcr:-; and petitioners 110.2 to 17 are its members. The


pctilitzazcrs no.2 to 17 are all working as

appointed beiween 5″” June 1971 am: $1*’*%I1.»m T 7mb¢z;..i$?!§3.:”V’1_’h§y 1

are aggiicvtxi by £ht: fact

teachers and have bean 1exsg;1aca1;o medical

The 17.8.1991 as a Tutor
and VH3 ualification is M80

The appointed on 12.1.1991 as a Tutor

‘~ ._and Lin 1994 as a Ltactssrer. His qualifimiitm

1113.4 was appointed an 10.11.1994 as a Tutu!

on 1.5.1998 as a Lecturer. Her quaiificalion is

The pciilioncr no.5 was appointed on 18.5.1995 as a Bio-
chemisl and pmmoied as a Lecturer on

qualification is M.Sc Bio-chemistry.

The petitioner no.6 was ‘a. T

and pwmoted on 15.6.1992

thereafier promoted on 8.4.1996 and as

Pmfessor and Head :3!’ to 2005 and

from 2006, qualification is M.Sc
Bio-chemisufii we ;>1..n%
appoint-ad on 1.4.1987 as as Tutor

afid m a Lecturer. 011 3.6.2003, he was

i promoted as an Associate Professor an

* qualificaliuu is Ph.D Bio-chemistry.

‘ pctitiomsr 110.8 was appointed on 12.3.1990 as a Tutu!’

‘V an 1.2-1992 as a Lecturer and he has continued in



which has bean pmscribmi under the 1998 tigéiézag

made applicable 10 the petitioners’ ap;:x3int:nc5s..t_S§.VV

based on the 1971 Regulations.

4. Having mgard to lil<§V"t4'4.t:§§cisi0!.1 in

13218/2006 which has ._;.It;ftia3n of' vtltiettttsspondents

with an idcntical ggievancg; j !lt'1v+i'3l't3i!I and having

mgard to the? being on the same lines,
this The cndursemcnks at
Annaxurtfs B The respondents an: directed to

cxtem} tn petitioners on par with those who

to the 1998 Rcguiatiuns, including their

A of teaching worlg promotion em.



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