Ashrfi vs D.D.C.And Others. on 29 January, 2010

Allahabad High Court
Ashrfi vs D.D.C.And Others. on 29 January, 2010
Court No. - 22
Case :- CONSOLIDATION No. - 1769 of 1985

Petitioner :- Ashrfi

Respondent :- D.D.C.And Others.

Petitioner Counsel :- S.P.Dubey,M.A.Khan,Mohd. Arif Khan,R.P.
Singh,Shyam Lal Misra

Respondent Counsel :- C.S.C.,Manish Kumar,R.K.
SriVastaVa,S.M.Waseem,Shyam Mohan,Subodh Awasthi

Hon'ble Satyendra Singh Chauhan,J.

On the request of the learned counsel for the petitioner, list this petition on

Order Date :- 29.1.2010

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