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Patna High Court – Orders
Bijay Kumar Singh vs The State Of Bihar & Ors on 16 November, 2011
                                 MJC No.2853 of 2011
                                   Bijay Kumar Singh
                               The State Of Bihar & Ors

3. 16.11.2011 The direction of the Court was to the State

of Bihar for implementation by payment of the

legitimate pensionary dues. The direction was not to

forward papers to the office of the Accountant

General only. The obligation was of the State to

ensure that the order of the Court is complied.

Counsel for the State from the show cause

at Paragraph-12 submits that now it was the

Accountant General who was not acting in terms of

the direction of the Court.

On 12.10.2011 the Court had observed

that it was not satisfied with the statement of the

opposite parties in defence for non compliance.

Today counsel for the State reiterates the

submission that the once the State acknowledged

the claim, the responsibility now lies with the

Accountant General. But there is no specific

submission or stand that the Accountant General

had been informed for the need of compliance.

Much that the Court would have disliked

directing personal appearance, the order being

passed to that effect is more in exasperation when

the Court is feeling itself helpless to render justice to

the citizen because of official apathy.

Let the opposite party no. 4 and the

Accountant General now appear in person on the

next date. The order be brought to the attention of

the Accountant General by Respondent no. 4.

List at the same position on the 30th of

November, 2011.

P. Kumar                                      ( Navin Sinha, J.)

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