Bishundeo Prasad Verma & Ors vs State Of Jharkhand on 12 October, 2011

Jharkhand High Court
Bishundeo Prasad Verma & Ors vs State Of Jharkhand on 12 October, 2011

                                   A.B.A. No. 2759 of 2011
              1. Bishundeo Prasad Verma @ Bishnudeo Prasad Verma
              2. Kailash Prasad Verma @ Kailsh Prasad Verma
              3. Premchand Prasad Verma
              4. Diensh Prasad Verma
              5. Rajendra Prasad Verma
              6. Chakan Mahto                               ... ......               Petitioners

              The State of Jharkhand                    ..      ....   ...          Opp. Party

              CORAM:         HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE D.N. UPADHYAY
              For the Petitioners      :      Mr. Ashok Kumar, Advocate
              For the State            :      A.P.P.

05    /12.10.2011

Heard learned counsel for the parties.

Petitioners are accused in connection with Birni P.S. Case No.05 of 2011

corresponding to G.R. Case No.122 of 2011 registered under Sections 147, 148, 149,

341, 323, 324, 307, 379, 447 & 448 of the Indian Penal Code which is pending in the

Court of learned Chief Judicial Magistrate, Giridih.

It reveals from the written report that the informant was intercepted by the

accused persons who were armed with iron rods etc. and they assaulted the

informant and his companion.

It is submitted that allegation of assault has not been levelled against these

petitioners. It is further submitted that counter case has been lodged by Bishundeo

Prasad Verma as Birni P.S. Case No.06 of 2011.

Learned counsel for the State opposed the prayer for bail.

It appears that all the accused persons, after forming unlawful assembly, armed

with deadly weapons assaulted the informant and his companion.

Considering the nature of the offence and allegations levelled against the

petitioners, above named, I am not inclined to grant them anticipatory bail.

Accordingly, this anticipatory bail application stands rejected. Petitioners are

directed to surrender in the court below within a fortnight for seeking regular bail

which will be considered by the Court below without being prejudiced with this order.

(D.N. Upadhyay, J)

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