C N Yathish Kumar @ Kummi vs The State Of Karnataka By … on 13 March, 2008

Karnataka High Court
C N Yathish Kumar @ Kummi vs The State Of Karnataka By … on 13 March, 2008
Author: N.Ananda

BEFORE; %   '
THE HOWBLE MR».J!J_;i'FldEv_N ANA3m§.%L[  I %


C.N. Yathiah  
Sic N1J.rra1a.3u;  j   . 
Rlat Near:Bua.4__S:qm¢1," _:  "   
 ,Hol53i,_ ,

 _ I'...1_'

(By an  A%  %L L Mvaa

 -    T:.+:&sa§te at 

> my I I-lE'?fiE..VBE:glI-v I Ill-Idldp

=Re'p by.  Public Pmsecutor.

  I.  Respondent

(By K. -Navalfimath, HGQP)

“J I5-I-I133!’-“P I-I-I

This petition is filed 439 C1-.P.G. praying

u ,.~.-.:’.’.ic.”*..er an ba%__1f:§’.*. of

_5l’havmekcm P.S… Bangalore Dist.-_.’i\_vh1ch is for the

ofii-moo Pi ‘u’i S. 362 riw 566. 3-1 6_f__:’ir”‘C fiI”‘.u’i -aw.


I-n,1_g__ .__;_u._-_._ …….:…- ….. ‘ 4-
uua pt:l.ll.lD.l.I Uunuug un nu unumu uuw

made the following:

In an occurrence “on e,

Government School field ~. ; ¢_:.n a ha]]j,-. 3 vi:
Venkateaha and wage tedeath. Petiuoner and
other accused assembly,

12:1;-er.-1.-:.i.en;l fie” of murder of

and death. The panieipation of

is eepoken to by eye

A ‘~”fi-fiieeéé az;&._”‘w eye %.-,.-3 The emtegt pf

._ Wéffi re-eardei er. “rue m’ 9.!

faaather sf 5% P-.:t*..=.”aj1: 11.1;-5 n t

The Counaelefor petitioner -would-submit

incident and moiive rggrz-‘ueii u “=11-r is i.”f-dent m wua.


_’I_~~ .12;-. __.__-_ _


A____ ;_ ____.._…__…_-….___ _..__:l -,,._ V
tucasinuocuntenuc l.’.l.1lI1_–B’|i- b A

in her statement would not be of ‘if-e_ » T A’

,,u » b 4

4. n_:,_nnn ‘

3__”+n-|-nn_ fa –a-‘ii’ iuiautuifl . nu-u’-I’; afnfamnnf

“‘ I .l”Il”Il”I’I’l’l”l’CI’IfIQ Qfl
GIIV ‘J’\fl-I’ll’ ‘IIIM-I’! ‘III.


A1 ,,,!

of otncr eye mimaesées fviesefiee
participation qfipetifixganer fiiigémmder of deceased

Venlcateslga is prima facie case
againat_peti!i§neaj:_qpc1_ not-entitled to


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