Chowtagi Bheemappa S/O Late … vs The State Of Karnataka on 21 August, 2008

Karnataka High Court
Chowtagi Bheemappa S/O Late … vs The State Of Karnataka on 21 August, 2008
Author: R.B.Naik


cmcurr BENCH AT DHARWAD      &
DATED was THE 213? DAY .01:-' AIJ(}Ej.VS 1 'i    k'


THE i~!()N'BLE    


CRL.P. No.71?»-eJM_ 


. Chowtagi Bhecmappa, 'V

8/0 late Yciiamoaa.  _'     i'

S/ovlme. "  
U1ava :::i     
S/0 Chdw;iappa,_  " 

 «  ..... 14 v

' 'SI 0 18%. Pamsappa.


S)'-o laid 
Aged about 54 years,

.A  Bhipa,

 "age; into

V 99:
 about 58 years,

Chowtagi Jummappa,
S] 0 hate Bullappa,
Aged about 60 years,

Guiadal Nagappa,
Slo Geiic Huhwpm.

Agedabout63years, Sig 



9. Stat. Chowtagi Hanumakka,
W] o Chowbagi Bharamwpa,
Aged about 40 years,

10. Chotwtagi Basavaraj,

S]-o Chowtag'  ..

1 1. K31'. Huiugappa,

Slo late Bufiappa,
Aged about 44 years,

12. Chowtagi Ramapya,
S/o late Yellappa, V   
Aged about 42 yemsa, _ 

13. Chowtagi M Hu'h1zg§a.ppa';_V   'V 
S/olahcY§:]iaappa,  V   

14.   %

(The petitioners 1%; 1. tab .14 me all Agriculturists
and R/0;. Nandibaxxeii in I-Ioapect Talzuk,
  1    ..... M *  

   as J.Basmraraj, Advocates]

AN E3;

  'u,The Statei~of Karn% by Sub-Inspector
V "  of Maliyaxnmanahalli Police Station
  in H6-spect Taluk,
_  'R¢7p."by Public Pssosecutzor,
" Circuit Bench, Dhaxwad. ...Respondent

u (By Sri P.H.Gotkhindi, HCGP)

/Q; Q; tx=i»;~bLm

This criminal pefition is filed under 

Cr.P.C. praying to allow this petition and  me
petitioners on baii and direct the rcspodnent  29 AL V
the getiuoners on mi: in the event aftéheit-'   A "
No.96[2008 of  yawn 


This cnm1na1' ' petition    day,

the Court made the   "  1' V 

A    on 27.6.2008

in    ah'   for the-._ oifcnces
punishfibife  506 11W. 149 I.P.C. on the
complaint 5;  Ningappa who is the father of


    t has alleged that his son

  gm married to one Nctravathi, who is me

'of petitioner No. 1-_Chowta@' Bheemappa. Netravathi

A  to her panmts house. She was not w1ll1n' ' _g to go

'   to her mlaws' house and the eomplaman' t and his wfie

  bacn to the house of pctitinncr R01 to call back

Netravathi. She refused and the same was informed to

 Mallikatjzma hiznmlf went to Neflavathi and


asked her to return back. Netravathi refused.___ After

sometime, Mafljkaxjima went out of the house, laterhnear

by the house of Netravathi, he was  

Petitioner No.1 along with other relatives  . 

to hospital. He was found ta have:'.eon3z33;¥'1eti.;.$oie0n'  

during the course of tzeatxrzent.  ;

to the complainant and   went to
Nandibandi Village  Hospital,
Hospet and   ;v»..;f*h€ complainant
suspecting    related to each
other    lodged a complaint on
27.6.:'::;oe3.Ah'  Q

   based upon suspicion. There

is" _in¢ he  material. Suspicion however strong

  of guilt. As such, the petitioners axe entitled

 ._fie'_I__  Hence, I pass the following;


The petition is allowed. The petithmers are gained
Vhianticipatoxy bail. The respondent-Police are directed to

enlatge the petitioneis on bail in the event of their arrest on

each of them executing a personal bond for a sum of

Rs.50,000/- with one surety in the likesum. The petitioners

shall not tamper with the case of

Witnesses for prosecution. The ‘

investigation and trial of the» V’

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