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Karnataka High Court
Dandappa S/O Ningappa Talwar vs Rangappa S/O Salbanna Jamberal on 9 March, 2010
Author: Ajit J Gunjal

fiéaéiariii /9 S:%.j}–b é,:ma Jamberai,

” i3§:{lz:L.%h S {gr–Saibanzza Jamberzzk

12$? TEE Efifiii €§E§E'”§’ GE?’ =21;


{}A'”i’EE3 TE-EES ‘”£’%~£E ggm BAY GF’ MARCE,V..2{f§f§§;s 4§”~V’:~
THE HO§f\§’BLE MR JLEST1c;§*§’A%ég;’:’:§V
R£GULAR SECGKB AI?§;*§ A3; 3:\?;Q?;’3′.1′?QxV..’€:s1Ff’:.v2§é£f§ ‘

Dandappa S/G Ningfapga ‘£’aiv»?a;’;”:T’ _
Aged about ‘?§ years, 5

Gee: Agrfifi, R/0 viliage Mawn0e;>’:”;”‘» – if V
Tq: Jewafgi, DESEI: GuE§r;a’§’;§;§.+58::”§

{By Sri. RS. Ma.1i_p;ati’1>;,$ie.ié>.;;_gat§}’ ~ .’
Arm: V V V A’

E. Rangappa S;/0 ;”~E}ai’?banE’;:g1’fiazzificiéi,

Agtzd abaujiz F63′? y::?fa.;:§V, £3.63: E:-3,§§I’;.’i~1g
2,. B.:::gS.z§;’p§:;a” 0é–.'”E§aE’§:s.anz1a’ §§éi”iibera§9
33531;: E&V%’E?€i’?1f$§”0{iC: Agriéw

Aged zxbaiazt 515?? ‘jJ.€§’,3;.FS5 Sec: .&.griI.g

‘j._’_§3;;§§5e:’§i”aT£3{}%;,*s~%; :;:’;a;r$.§ Gee: Agriim

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