Dell Computer India Private Ltd vs Sri Srinivasa Trust on 14 December, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Dell Computer India Private Ltd vs Sri Srinivasa Trust on 14 December, 2009
Author: Ajit J Gunjal

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Bell cmute: Inaapzme A
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Bmalore-56697_’Vii_ k
Reprmited by im ” T

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* –~S6@_6@E. …Rasp=ondmt.


% This cm is mad mm mm 11(5) arm.-. mmwm:
ma! c:ma1im:_m’ Act, 1996,pa’aymg’ to Appoint’ sum’ Mr.

umw::”m. H-wan mwwwesua mm nnmawmumnm HEWW wwmxs WP mmmwmgmm NEW” Uwwflf Q?

2008. The respmdw replied to the pfiifienm’


Iuafice Mr. Clfinnw (Raired Judge, High Court of
Kemacaka) 140.1419, Kamy. 3″‘ ma, Judicial Layogx,

Arbikmor md mow the ma atbibratar to enter upon

pending disptficsf difikremes hawmx the patios.

This CMP mmg’ an for adnus’ ma this T

mwet.hefol1owing:– .A

Pmamm* propoms to invfisrthg mw ‘slmlséi flu: %

mum 1m am ma 29.o9.2¢%¢:3, mid
lame executed baweat the
th: propfity in
Pursuanx to the R§;.5,q§,7§,21e;. Wm pad
by tbs mspon 5 mg rcfundabln security
dapmfit. ficstlxcr pnied of 3 years
from the lease with effect

A. xafimd of the we security

the lam deed «ma 9.11.3303.

fie my thfi ms pciitisnz: ma: mama’ latter is}

_ V requwmg than £9 xefmld 3 sum of Rs’
‘i”.._2′.’§:5’7,V.”.*:’::0,.6l2:”- wt of the security depfi an or hefare 165″


concefing tha the lwae had came to N1 and w.e.£ 19.99.2fiO8


the $35.6 moms. Hmw the petitions: 1s-M 3

dated mum invomg the mhitral

‘arm saved on the mwdem on i._’I?..11’.V%fi’8,

3. Ihave 24 md
chum 6 of the qrmem er
claim nfising eat of shall as
finsfized by the at 3. 301::

mzum. has to an». sccmity

dams I am we abiiraotr is mama to be

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menus’ ‘ H Jtism

is scrveei but §

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