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Calcutta High Court
Durga Prosad Bundopadhya And Ors. vs Brindabun Roy And Ors. on 28 March, 1892
Equivalent citations: (1892) ILR 19 Cal 504
Author: P A Hill
Bench: Prinsep, Hill


Prinsep and Hill, JJ.

1. We have the satisfaction of feeling that the arguments of the learned pleaders on both sides have placed before us everything that could be said in this matter, which is of some importance. We agree with the District Judge in the opinion he has expressed regarding the application of Sections 15 and 16 of the Bengal Tenancy Act to putni tenures with due regard to Section 195 (e). In our opinion these provisions apply to putni tenures. It seems to us that the object of Section 195 (e) is that nothing in the Bengal Tenancy Act should interfere with the putni law in respect of putni tenures, but that in other respects the Bengal Tenancy Act should be held to apply as supplementing the putni law. The appeals are therefore dismissed with costs.

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