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Karnataka High Court
G M Basava vs Union Of India on 22 August, 2011
Author: A.N.Venugopala Gowda


” * {.335 :?;fé’~:.M;}’.._é§.:\§azxss 5’ns:i- ….. M –
g r«:.Q:§s2=:2..§~4:;.:1:;;r::;a§;ma, Mvs.j;


DATES THIS ON THE 22% meg SF QUGUST, 2m:– ‘j~-. ‘a_


ma %-é0H’$?LE :v:mu$T:c.E A335e’JE.f%2§»%;§§.Q?i3x’§;§ §§}’§”x§f;”§’;’i, _ V

MFA mo.2280:2®1a (R§::”§3::i%1é;m L
:vnscx;:vL.:xJ©;S:;«35z2m_Q’ V


Giivifiasavag _ ._

S/Q. iate Meenaga Baaavagi

Ageé abam: 50.g?ear$,,-‘– V

gm. SsuSheé:§a;5*” ., _
Sic, §,M.:Basa:~::a7,””‘-.._ » _ V.
Agefi abou’:.S’»’3 3g{:gars§_ ~ V

§0%:h7.a re 9;’ 0}. -%£e.e’rap’u..rA’®.né,. j
Kare Mafia i<a_iiu;.°=.

Hgibiéd . _ ‘
a” ‘ ‘ H.%W?ELLAN7§


é_,§i’3E§§E <22? E§*:;_s:%Ea,.

g;’s;.§2r&se:é”:* E»;

“fize §%=.:’:~n&ra§ fvéamageiy
_ -_?§%::.ui§2-Aifiéegiam Raééway,

=: at


in fiiing this apgyaai. Even thmzgh the agmeiianizg awgar

mt ta ba as vig£Eas”:t as may gught is haw been, ye:

ccwuct flees not warrant ‘:9 mid that they are__.;’:§V§§:§/ié”::?ézi’;f2§

Iitiganta 0: there wag delébarate ée§a§,gV<::i_r': th:§i'r*'gt-fi§~?;, '=7%'hg '4

apQ@§§a;"2:s haa sufferefi the mag éféfi

agpeitanta wag fame? to be me:T?[i;c:'–r§.o:ss"by"{b<,=: i'?:i.E3v:L,§n"';Eii_V§_:aé_";£¥fi VA

wa§ atiewed. Hewezzeii, we "§r:b;;;:~:a§§.Am_;~;e?:"a;é:§;%e: ggiseresz
an the Camperzsatian an'1v9"s-4.232%:'fr{;;m2.:_»%;§F§é"'–<§}:;€é{he apgzsiicaticrn
was flied for orde .:~<ir§g p:a*y;°;;.é:;jtVV'<2§:._;;fi;::%*;';§ré駧,s§;si:é@n iéié the
eréer wag men abie to
Shaw anyv__<=.r§~%V§:a1~Awg g;:41§g_fi!$i"§\Ld.§§§ _;;;%*V:'$56r:£3§§"?: of the aageéiantg
in 'ihg nféaftigr-A with seiags. Keegéng in

view {ha c%;fcu::2s'i:–.a:é'af.és,.'":f}§ the case, in my epénéen,

_ suffiz§%_§$§{;iE”;é:Evgaiéiiar: §xEe:;.S,’:E3S;’2§§.§ ig aééewefi ané

VV 32$ @3é¥a~g.–.ii§s:Vs:§”i:;§:e§.

” H ” “*–§;§;;m§_§ifif;”§fi$2

“§”§”:€ §§@§§§E§§ES aéaém fig}? §a::%:*:§n§ 3? égéterezfi:

. _ ‘é;e*.;;, fmm the éaie 32$ §;T:§§E€&’?:E§}fi wag féieg befme me


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