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Gangappa M vs United India Insurance Co Ltd on 6 November, 2008

Karnataka High Court
Gangappa M vs United India Insurance Co Ltd on 6 November, 2008
Author: Deepak Verma K.Ramanna

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 ~.A"f§$Lfi;R5g?};§'1'R§CT. ., 5.??ELEg$NT$.

fig: {'§fCQp3§a§<?;1'iSh:3.a, mm;


“iJ3i’3.i1;ed India insurance 50′, L-{;{i,,

M ”

E .§’~é'<3.2S, §V.f.G, Road,
T B.&HGAi.«(}RE — 568 093.»
Rep. by its Mafiagfit'.

S19 Cizanfimiah, I ®

S011 sf E£§}§§£i’§.§8.”E.’1§;S_, {‘e’§a_}»*::m Eiaaié ma: Wéfiii 8.5’§t:’:»:g§é%a_%§:2§§*’::%::,

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hi? W35 €2″8_¥€11§fl§ 3:2; 3. }:2;3}§.i<:2n ricier *a:i%;h'"::s1§€.,';?§3h%,¥'é.3;%:.2:§:§;:% 3%%:'§.1{§"iIsé3é;

ériving '€3.16 Scents: iasazégag §'~E$.§é3"g%O:{%~E£~¥§€3?,i§,V 95.' 3 :1"?-é3€§:L’

gpead frem ‘£116 hf? Sida Sf 33% §\:>a§§; -‘.é§lV*.;a’%. §%§r:*;* ‘:}::.:a;”§.fi.g
§’*€c>,&EZ§’€~26i2fi, dxéven E}-9 ” afizé ézssurtzzi V5551:
I’»::t$§::3;t1d€:1’?t §’€0. L grams in Hfilfifliifif ‘$3;-“‘.’£’§i’_i higég
spead, beyané. €;§u3Lzx1t:;%#E:v:VV:éL€i{i'””‘i;*.§€>Es:§z%E§7 £§a:u;§’1i:£i Eha
§(3{)Q'{€;%”‘ fmm £22939: :33: {he §{7{‘;{§€§.”3 ,
dacaasétaii :3? {E33 3′<33i%, .z'%z'§€z* §;i’3;:v.3:§:.:.2 “sgi.x§& 9%” ‘£315: maifi. E,<;:':';" i'§§;f,"2 £3§i€'."i' 'flag

{§:Ez:tEa$fi{§_ §'a%.:sI?1f'z*g.§ §"1i&.::.24Si:~1:iEiéa:1€{3::zS =:§.::a?;i'1. Rédsi' {sf '£226: S"$<::;§,<i"§"'

}'é£':1 fiszfjhfgzjga %;.1:.a,£i SilS'§iEiifl{:3€3; i::§3di3}' éizgitiyészg, .2223 ha hag: falima ms:

the Ezifit ssigiés-58'? §.§3£?'f37 }:~e3:«3.é;.

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4é:2 'w§:i<§§:z' gm award camfi Eisz} E33 §3a:»:§;v:2{§ 0:: {3§§.EE.i2{3€}E.. Bf; €315

__'ifi1§3i;gg:1$(§ aivarsi, appaiiaifis, §}83'€§3,§3 cf ifriia iiézceamzi E13235 ham:

"'22_§2§* za§.:*€ied a sun: cf Rs;2,9'?3§€}G/~ iflgffibfif wiéiz i:3:£c:*r%$% at ihf: ram


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