Ghousia Mosque And Madrasa vs Karnataka State Board Of Wakfs on 3 July, 2008

Karnataka High Court
Ghousia Mosque And Madrasa vs Karnataka State Board Of Wakfs on 3 July, 2008
Author: N.Kumar
Iiosq 'initial VII l\l"'Il'\I'l'Ill""Il\l"I lllinlll Ia':

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'WRIT Pmmmz   



GHGLESIA. MflSvtQ{19E-.;A'8a  x  '1
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SR1 s~'2'_EE: SA}-{EB
 &&&&     m'rmm13R


 %  mmajswam gamma 0? wax:-'s
!:3t""'=R§.3§..A A ViAKF,,H"D'.5,

- _ '£??Y§EE'i'3;H¥C:I-{AM Ema
A "EE**s;K;€'?¢»f§:§}C3RE-52.


a Vflamszam TMMEEM camarmm
imam: COLOHY,

A  mmamg TALUK,

L "mmm fiIS"I'RICT..


{By 3:1? 3 M&.§.JIPATH.. - 5113*.' FUR CERZ)


I       J I A

i |..l\li..dl'&..tnI\lI..rL: nth. mains'-nun. sun-n-on

926 $3: 232'? G? THE {10NSTI'I'UTIOH C1? INDIA PRAYING
PASSES IN fi:P%ECIA"I'I$K KTG.8f 06, DT.23.2.08 HY 


M1"! LIEEILI wuwluatunu Jn suhrx-\ l_I£\ll...: xnnmnusnuuu nrs iurirsfls

.........-1..-.n.--. --an wvvnu we nnnavnimnn riiwrl V-iluill

KARNATAKA 'um-;1«' 'TREUHAL AT magma, 
mvzsxczwra, MYSDRE ARI) mmam TI-E E-'E'~£'1"£7l£2*I!1'£sZR
comarmm m (mam-:::*r umms FES11'.H&L % afsmzv
mm mm Tm :REGzs'rERm 

mmmmn vmmas, S1-EUR.  T 


Pfifimmznav rmmma  ms! 


Petitioner   L   petition the


ordnr   at Mysore.
  the pnaintm" where they
nougm.g'§.w]Lv"" 3;'1'1;a»'::,,_¢jos:§_1:1via%;','tha*Emtifionarfoommmee' is a

at arm.-ur,  mm and aha m
   msamhszcs from 
with t.'n§  of the mana  mm by

 w _   . 1 

   pegémmgimvummn is 9. mm' mgstnma
/} s§¢.35 of the Wald' Act, 1935 am. 10.10.2033.
 A is the rmistratinn mtifimm. :1-2

 has zxanatitutgad the  ' Commitwe an


. The mm3%m corrrwtm was d


2 !..!£%!fL£ w’Sx§%-J§1§.dmfl.s1..r\: may amaflmm .

rat I Valli!!!

to manage that: said umiaar
aupervéaian af the Km-rmtalm fitate IBo3nd,.of ‘

the mm is» Iuwduvcvezil as Aatzrea
215336, the 1*’?

Conmzittee for the of
flmmn am pm §-zamdea
as per tlma ¢rdar%n:rt1z§ pezriod of
anothm mu has beam
1 mu.-aaumg
C311 16.3.2902, an the
swam’ of Wakf Aaviamy

am mania, the mid pmpeny was

promflzy as it was in mm’
mm-we than 33 yeam. The ‘

:31′ the game-um weld’ has new conaucttim

.. i year in we month of I3oze%bar fin-
last three fiwadera. in at’ W Sjred
Baba Afi Badvi Valiyuna. The patitizxun’ aiona has

thar?g11ttaoonductUrmfe=ativa}.ewne13rycaramI the
almond raspondmt who below so Ayeeaha damn?


_ …….-. guyg. vqpvnn III lIl’II\I’l”\Il”II’fl”I IJIVIII ‘I-uIVl\ul’!I-I ‘if! l’ll’|l\l1.l’\Il”Il’\f’I TIIGTI VIVJIJB

Moaqtw has no right. ta cmnduct Uranus In

Da&ber 20%, wlzm the pefifiutm

m to» madam: {Em-am ”

Impundem irztmmmnmé and

of the festival by an patmgnassgmmiuea
disputes arose. They A
petition: in ‘WP.13§f§0O?5″§éxi§é§w’».’ib«.b¢ which was
dimiswa the uihunal
eonsflmtgg; This 5 haw the
tribunal. The matter
was, rworrdxad and

tharaafier to be passed

balding fl;g}t”fl1e no such rigm to conduct

Agmwed” by the mid orrdeat’.

the this Cam-‘t.

of that: pertitimam’ cxzntcnda:

material on nword clearly dischaes that the

izzstitutiarx is rwktea-ed an a wnlcfhtnfituizion

ax:uieven3Dywru pm’i::a’totl::e-1-@su’ntian,thay haw: y

vs – V: v I: II I II:-nan: us-1.: um

I Vuvur-uni Ira: n.a-gnuq;-‘M–‘nu-1 nus.-a yvwsgu Va “rum-u–n;s–uu–u an-as.»-aa -mu-nun: -ups urns”-

been mm was p:’opax1.y. ‘rm: are
Urmu anti than 2″‘ xwncim wine has an
mam ‘ a:sP1’a)’°¢-lfar. T116
ap@med’ tha mm uf the
r¢quhmmb¢mxm-fwd’ ”

4. the
comm1m.=:e’ m pcvwm’
to am .51.”: in the
Azmmam B, in this

mick puma’ arm the Umas

Qfiah is. ct:-nduetzad by the vfllagwa

__ the imtmxtzioxza and thmfi the petiumzmm”
% eacchaniw right; tan censium: the said Urcos
= fin tzribuxxal was juntifiaacl in rejecfing the

– J requsat.

5. S9936 of thc Wald’ Act, 199-5(Far ahart
l:Im”¢:afiaar refierred in an “The Act”) provides £01′

rlliirl \i\IV’I\I \lI” I\I”|l\I’l”IIfl’UI\aI’| IIIWUTI MINI?!’

3 Kuiulifllhi VJ!” ihlfififififiiflfflfhflfl l”llL’Ul’I \lf’ l\l’\Kl’Il”|8J’\!\:F| I”‘Ii\3I”I MISIIIKI \J’¥” fll%fli’l”I.8!”!l\l\ I”II\Il”I \-v\§|’J#\I VI” !\l”|h!I!”|F1″‘ll\vP’|

rwatratian at’ mid’ cmatmd before or afmtf the

camznanint vi’ the an-t.. Game the

int. mmu mm’ ma «mu-oh 1 at’ the:

wnatimtnd each Emu»; cf AV

the board which has Qanatifmt-Qéd.
supesrviaion caef tinge

semis: flégg Board-

(lj .__Baard Vmay,’ it mnaidm
?.’;8§§a}JE_h;’ am }ly as

, i’qr~-.a, “purpose at for any

V “:35? mmmitm fem’

~~~~ _ ‘ ‘gtha”‘$;1pa.’7risiafl ‘t*:..f1I2sé”nl:.€a

(21 mmtiam and dutsba

‘ afl of ufiioe: of such

be dawn-% frown

aha}! nut in nflsary
T ” of auch aonmaitbem te-

a-fthc Beard”.

.V cammitwe otmstitutad under this

be in may out the mncmm 01″ a wnkf
far for a parwmzlar purpeae. fiub-350.2 of
provida the mmfimfinn, fizncfixmass and fiutiea
the harm of am mi’ sum commsutm ahall be

&om&nemfimawt.m&mfi. Itisin


Inruruuvru.-runs:-1 uuuvarll humanity! VII i\a’|a’\l’rI:Ir’r-IVI1 IIIVIII €33″

wt”; :2 use wen-ururuxu -Iva warns:-nan:-u -nu’-an ‘I1-run-un-

: ‘cu-«rants;

pursuance of the powcrn cunfm-md under this pgiayésinn,
Hm amamw'”‘”E*”t is iaswerl by the bound,

tha comxnitiaee tn mag

gamma} aupezrviaiors. of éicatn’
to re? the power in
canferred ::z1 th’n arxytlwm with
Maw at whixsh they
ma Irma mken nuts of
cross examirzation. whom

with by the petnw ‘ new
“it. .. that than was an

Mum Mohalla Shh-ur,
Bhukari ¢a1.mg.r, may and

% mggsfi filkihlrnintx Mainalla Shirur am aammmxm.
of the tlzzme, the Bhukari Tanjeem
belongs to Aymha Jam Maaji-:1. Prior to



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