Gopal Jee vs Bihar State Sunni Wakf Board &Amp; on 9 March, 2011

Patna High Court – Orders
Gopal Jee vs Bihar State Sunni Wakf Board &Amp; on 9 March, 2011
                             MJC No.672 of 2011
                                 GOPAL JEE
                       BIHAR STATE SUNNI WAKF BOARD & ORS.

2 09.03.2011 Heard Mr. N.A. Shamsi, learned counsel

for the petitioner.

By order dated 21.07.2010 the civil

revision application bearing C.R. No. 588 of

2008 was allowed to be converted into a writ

petition under Article 227 of the Constitution

subject to fulfillment of other conditions

within a period of four weeks from the date of

the order, failing which the application would

stand dismissed.

Learned counsel for the petitioner

submits that although the civil revision

application had been converted into a writ

petition but there were other defects which

were pointed out during the course of stamp


He further submits that some defects

have been removed and the remaining defects

would be removed within a period of two weeks

from today.

Regard being had to the statements made

in the restoration application and the

submissions of the learned counsel, the

restoration application is allowed, C.R.No.588

of 2008 is restored to its original file and

the peremptory period for removal of defects as

stipulated in the order dated 21.07.2010 is

extended to a further period of two weeks from

today enabling learned counsel to remove the

same, failing which application shall stand

dismissed without further reference to the


Upon the defects being removed within

the extended period aforesaid, office to

process the converted writ petition for its

listing before the appropriate Bench on its


(Jyoti Saran,J.)


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