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Patna High Court – Orders
Gopal Prasad Gupta vs The State Of Bihar on 14 September, 2011
                            Criminal Miscellaneous No.22243 of 2011
                                       Gopal Prasad Gupta
                                      The State Of Bihar

03. 14.09.2011 Heard learned counsel for the petitioner and

learned counsel for the State.

The only defence on behalf of the petitioner is

that the cheque issued in petitioner’s name is not

withdrawn by him rather by a fake person. A direction is

also there of the Supervising Authority to get compared the

signature on cheque with petitioner’s specimen signature

from Forensic Laboratory/ Handwriting Expert.

Investigating Officer is directed to collect such report and

submit its report within reasonable time, if specimen

signature is not obtained and he is of the opinion that same

should be obtained then obtain the signature to get it

compared by Forensic Laboratory/ Handwriting Expert.

Call for the above report within a period of

two months and put up on its receipt.

Vikash                                                   (Mandhata Singh, J.)

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