H G Someswara vs The Executive Director Steel … on 30 October, 2008

Karnataka High Court
H G Someswara vs The Executive Director Steel … on 30 October, 2008
Author: Anand Byrareddy
VT  "  " Twchcr, S/0 Bheamappa

5- K- Maheswamppa, 55 years
Teacher, S./0 Dundyappa
Walfarc Higher Primary Scht:-oi   
SAIL/VISL, New Colony 
Bhadravalhi? PIN 577 301

6. Smt. H. K. Yashoda, 57 years  
Teacher, D!o Krishna Swamy  
Welfiirc Higher P1imur_§'~Schm:~i"'" " 
SAILIVISL, New _   g
Bhadravaihi, PIN 577 301  _  "

7. Sm1.Nagaral3in3i31,tna, 56     V. 
Wclliwe  P1'iniar;a._S£ii_2«)§jiv 
SAIL£'e'I'SL,,  3%§e\:\}'1€2aI02z}"--.. ' " ~ V  V"

8. Lakshmana Gow:ia,"*4'5  V.
Teacher, Sim Venkate' Gowda
_ Hightér Pfimaiyr Schuul
' V'  ._ Sr&1L':'_'v'.ISL, New'£30it§n}'
. :Bh_adx,_%;1v.s;ihi;"PH~I 5'77 301

9.  Baiiiivafiihappa, 53 years
'1't?~?~ch¢r,% Sim Gurupadappa
 WeffafeA.Highcr Primary School
 V ..SAILf5!fSL, New Celony

" BVh2zdr».wa{hi, FIN 57? 301

"%mk.M. Haladapm, 49 years

'Welfare Higher Primary School
Bhadravathi, FIN 57'? 301


(By Shri. M. C. Narasimhan ma
Advocates) V  _

New Tuwn, Bhadmvathi
Shimoga-5'.?7 39}



The Executive Directur  

Stem! Authority ofIndia"LiiI1~ited_  L '4  

Viswrsvaraya Iron 8:. Slc:tj.:_IV_I'la:niv __V 
Bhadravathi P1N §'Z_'? 391 '

Shimoga , _  

- The ChairI1Iaa:;--ii,_--'V:"&.V  '  '

Ste¢1 Autiaaatiiyf cyffizdia' -- _ 
"I5pa£';Bh:;waIi"'~" , _ 'V ' a "  'V
Lodhikoad ' %   
New I)elhé__5l(} 0:33    


 V'  -  Qf Publié'"fnstrucf;ions
 ' V(3}:IVTc»yvi3,'Bliz2giravalhi PIN 577 301

fl."'Parv§§e :
Ma.uage:§_-- Peraunnel (E.E}

' .& Lluinqfiixy Officer
" Pcrmnnei Department

Bhadmvalhi -- S77 30!

"Shimnga District

The Commissioner

Deparmxent of Public Instructions





The Counsel for the pciiiiuncrs the ‘w

{Head 2: Join1Merno to state that the malicr 11:31’
the following terms:

a. “It is agreed by the Frereiry. E
that ofthe 15 }’e?t;i€iofi¢§rs {rs rmitter.
barring’ DP. 2;

K. H. K.

%$..a%% km’ 15; A&S;§§:. A. 3.

%%%% M fgaé 8z.%:ANa}; A12 and Sam’.
Vféyira the cause title
“i1erém, Vt§§§§’L«z§f¥:e}fTgaffiiiogrlers will be taker: on

xf:’*?§§ % ;*.r3li§ _:’he.’rsr Responfirtf efleeti we
‘V firotri’ and that their pay will be
A. dgygrzwrifiélfi fxed rsoricmally in S-4 Grade
Respondent Company with efi”ec:’
‘A ‘ 01/124/2003.

“1T’hat it is fizrrher agreed by the First
H Respcrndent. that Pemiz;~r:er.s; at St. Nos.
!,3.4,}’,8, 9,10,11,14 and 15 on being raiser;

or: the rolls ofthe Compamy with efiizctfiwn
01f04!2003, they will be entitled to the

firaanciai benefits and other service


6. It is fizrther agrea”! I;}: z’a’a§ Peztifiérfiars

“” “x;~r;1é;*s, *;s.2;r2,;2iis:¢?£Irle ‘ia~– Nor»-Eixiecutitzes

” V. firs: Re,£y3;2r§i}g}ii’ Zfomparw.

.. ‘V rredir of the Petitioners at SI.
1,3,4,7:,;4 and 15 as or: the
».&V:Aa’rrir:g ta duty in Sui Grade in the

Respondent Company shah? be
u écirztirmed andficrrher accruai will £1-e as per
‘ ‘ : ruies ofthe F’irst Resporecieni Companyfrom

otherwise from the Ifirsr Respondent for the .
periodprior to the date oftheir reporting ‘t.:.}.__ ‘ V.
Jury in 8-4 Grade in the First Resgxmeféfit A
company in terms of rhis__J9i_r_:t ;\Iv3}ri” ”


Nos. 1,3,4,?,8,9iI0,1I,}V#’-¢§irdVV15. rf3r:2u{t}’1ey }
are willing to’: wqrk
posted by the and
that they shay we g,ggr:¢«:;u;a§;az éhoice
agree to

-a:afeg¢}r_§;’- .;;;«:~ reffieirtirsgg to duty in S–4’Grade it:

the date of reporting 1!: S-4 Grade in the I”
Respawderar Company in terms of this Joint

xwemo ofCoempromi3e.

‘ ‘ E E2;a:1efl’t.:§)’ivt.<~a.~3: the First Responderzr Campan 9.

* that in the case of Sim’. K.

g. I: isfurther agrees)’ by the purifies V A
in View of .S’§m’. D. P. Hcf}éésir;§’E%’;:}sa§k,~:
Petitioner at 31. No. 2 fr: rf:e’A”cq:£s;§ fl?tZe . «. ”
above waiter, mice’
legal’. represerstatives 22¢}: £3f.’13ii§ff,’T¥.? _L?(‘OV i§
oniy rmmetary bémfiaé in
compmmise and
Gramjiy :33
3ii$”si:l¢1ry in S-

»? » K “;ji¢.*z:{>:t2’ir1gl)2 they

“”” __fe;$:~. p:iyrné?!$””a}:zfer Lffé Cawr’

A of late DP. Hongyxar

” emitied to any other
béiwfir’ Vl2iteA”‘-erfifiriaymerit and any other

_’.g%}{q5}éshwarappa at SI. N0. 5; Star. H. K.
}*ashwa at 3:. No. 6; Smt. A. 5;.
. VaSc?fi?}il’y\*3fiim6 at .941 No. 12 and Smf.

Ubagammewy at St’. No. 13. since having
retired on 30.506/2008: 3};’03/2006;
SGXO6/120$}? and 3s9¢”09/’E006 respectiveiy, on
having atrairéed the age of supemrmuatiofi of
58 mars, ii is agreed that these four



The memo is placed an rwurd.

Hence, the peiiliesn film! by [ht::’pcEi%i(3§}:;–:[‘*.§=

terms of the above. Joint Memo. _V

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