H Pradeep @ Papa S/O Hanumanthappa vs State Of Karnataka on 20 March, 2008

Karnataka High Court
H Pradeep @ Papa S/O Hanumanthappa vs State Of Karnataka on 20 March, 2008
Author: Dr.K.Bhakthavatsala

In um men court or nnnmmuv. 31' nmanmnn
nu-1-In ms ml 20" III'! or name 200!


'1'!-II nouns: nz-..wsucn x.sImcrrnvAr85?§l§,j%}L%/1  

I-1.1':-mung-II raga,

We I-Ianuunthlppa,

.A.geg ;LIt_:u1.: 29 pug,
flo.341o, 1 min. '_ _
'!' e:..=-egg; 5.1.-,-I.-1.'.!-...1 3;-.g*=.=4:-,_ --.  ' g  AA 'A 
Bangalore. _   .. %.V;;m'1*r:ou:n
my sr1.chandzfan§§::u1.1  V'

81:11:: or. %ma:§u:'jkie¢  ~ 

Mpruontod _hyvL'z;._gung§£' }M. 3-_i  V

gay 9:;4;,'m1:_,-§;.isj:ne§;'%_(}»may:

 cxJ..l'AA§"' "i-Vzilod under section ll: of

 "t;A:r.'A.;1*.--»t;V. .._pgzging to quash the procudinga in

 ihi file if the 1 naa1.c.:a.r-:.,

:   ;I;1r::,,ta_;-91.1-«:.-vg...  *

 AA .-j1'h1Vi cr1.P. in coming on to: admission chi:
 _d'.wV..._1;"Iu court mad: the £aJ.1aw:l.ng:-


l":.l':.i~io.fi:"it'J:"Ivt'Jiii? on the £110 at'

he fiimfiafifiiffififiiiifi as. 3 .. V  .3.-.~a.. 


Bangalore. is hafara this    '"':V!.I'a;'.~:V u  

quaahing tha procaadinga.

2: Ana! _.gI.J.gss.1= .

3. The learned    Pivviiiéxionar
submit: that tha po1:l-';_:a'T-   13:13-'.fi';:fiarga shut
against the agétzgfifl éndg ékizhaab' ottancas

guntahahla mid§§rL"si:s=t1¢;;§a"--  -:92 and 120-: at

11:; ;,g~,’¢_’:; since the said
*’1’enee:- “r_ F 4′ ‘i-.’–i-.’.I!.s;e luv the

as-==:’..e:== .-.L-‘.e.*..!.. :’.’..z: #3123” nu:-.g the aha:-as sheet

…:……a.I. s_.v-a. I.

=3gaA»gj:§;e:rai»§a«.% __ not couuittaci the can to tin

sai;i§naV”‘¢§u;6,”‘f¢r trial and than is inordinato

.do1a1¥”‘=:1nv–..§’as§:i.nq committal order.

V’ who 1-Ia:-nad I-11:13! submit: that appropriata

f ‘firaction may ha iuuad to no trial court and
idispasa at tha patition.





-5- Eltflfit accused I10-U, IOOIIIOC ROI: 1 I39 7

an in judicial custody. ‘rm attoncu puniohnhiaj.

under: auction: 3!! and 402 at

exclusively u-1am by a court or anqim. k%%1-he T ‘

Lgggzzgd laggigtgatc should have

-1.-e :11; 595519»: €.1:_n_z;ri_-. £9; ”

6. Thorqzcgfi uni fli.lflOI0fl of
directing tghaf» “rs:-» ” viii appropriate
connittn; “:§§§k :§:ron tho data or

ruccipt: ._.n.A _erc£ar.

~vV9¢rti_,»a§; ‘V 1:735 to the fiotmiii for ‘fihi

A “I_gs1;j;ti¢n«;|@.:n.M = K _

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