Hanamanth S/O Baramappa Halkurki vs The State By Kerur Police on 25 February, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Hanamanth S/O Baramappa Halkurki vs The State By Kerur Police on 25 February, 2009
Author: Huluvadi G.Ramesh


<I§:i¥€CUIT BENCH AT Bi–iA§{'WfiQ.._.

DATEE THIS '.{'§~£E 25% may 02? FEBR§&.'?§';5 V2éj:::§j

gamma: «

THE H{3N'BLE 1's1I§2.J'US'j{'ICZE):§£_[§LifVA1T§};'_%AG.'.1€E;¢;§§i«4§€";:§F1'–.,L

QREMENAL PE'?iTi:{?:§§ NO;'?€_)9Sj'


S/0 Barazuapgga Haikarki, }
Ag€Ci''é§bO3»ix7C§,'§'5'§ft3*é'33;E;.} ''- "

R/e';Pa:waL::i;.V~.__'a *

'1'aE11i«i Ba:éa311i',«."~.

Dist:Ba%’§il<et, ,. é Petitiimrzr

"(f.3y' Sri. Santgsh Mam, adv.)

' B}: Iéiitzrur-ffilice, Ksrurg

Eatiayzili Taluii,

' £)isT't: __¥3aga.13mt. …. Rasgondamt

' {Egg SI'i,Ananci K. Navaigimath, ass?)

This ¢1"iI11ina..§ petitian is fiiad under Sectian 43%
(3r.?.{;i praying to i"E31{':a.S€ thus petitiefler 01': bail in
S.CaI\%<:3.?7/2088 bsfare €316 iearzixed Sessians Judge,
Bagaikat, and etc. W,-x


This criminal petition camirzg on ibr {}£€ie:jé,' 'day.

the (Z";ur”t maria the :£’o£ic:>w.i11g:

The petiiionw has’ $911§E’3=_t ‘.f§’::’ ” {if
E5’$.C.7′?/ 2008 pending bef0’1*§ “§£:e 1»$22;”¢::1.;a::i.T _V.’:T[‘$e:«§.”$:i(;1:::s J’t1d.gé,


2. TE}? I3E3′{if?§i;{}VI_2:.€’i”-,Vi3§”%E!:11fi§j} husbanéi of the
E’i€C€é1S€i{§.. is that he has
murflercei ha” with 312 imn
‘c:euf;s::5V’I§ataaz1na are stated is have
3ee:1 %§3;é away from zzsmpizaigzaxsfg hoxzse
€’E31″:_;31′.vi::§L V’:£z’::>;i–. rfréig ”

j_ f::£V:c:0r{ii:1g to ihe Efiaineé filsuixsei far {ha

p€’€é’;§s:§:3.€r§ {£36 inv€s§3?.gaiia11 is aimaiiy campieied anti chazrge

” ., AA Siagsfci basin flied, The peiifioner is in Custody séizce more

fem” mouths. Them am :10 33:3 witzmgsas is the

;%n<:i:ie::2i, Q1125: Ehe compiasltzani 2111:} anothfir 3:,:€r3n€:f’7is,: Z

entitled for giant <31' bail.

4, 011 {ha Gthef tlia; }ea1:ia:£IV’V”:VV€H§%i)i?:§rnmef£t
Pleasier submits Q13: .therg,-is facié ‘c;exsev’Vjagainst4 the
petitisner and he op§5S¢s- .

5. ;”It””§[$:.’s€é11 ihfit ‘:é:32n;_:;Ia3’1;ant and another

person F€am;si1;1é1,’1a.a1fé-:$6€:?x- .t._é1e”aCfcf11s€:d running away from

the hsuscz of {1;iéV’i:§}eod staxixed iron

mzti in the house’ and at th.5 ‘séim.¢ “tj.§:e, they have also seen

the eiaad body of §eia}Iaw”-W3 of tha accused, 113:1 the

ho1}.«st:.._V E1i: i:i€’s5.% of i11€Sé’Cii”$3′{1I}f1St8IlC€S, it is ordered that

the péfitiafiicr. H13 *§i_fia$s—-f0r early triai, if hf’: is so advised,

Z Acc§n§;_mg;;,;g tggpetition is di$;30sed of.


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