Hemanna S/O Thimmanna vs State Of Akrnataka By Turuvanur … on 22 October, 2008

Karnataka High Court
Hemanna S/O Thimmanna vs State Of Akrnataka By Turuvanur … on 22 October, 2008
Author: V.G.Sabhahit

in ms Hgrm GGURT or rmnxarmm AT BANGA3g{$$%fE:: ”

DATEB arms me: 22:16 DAY 01? 091°.3i,E3§ 2:)e§ 1% ‘ 1″


‘3’!-IE HOEFBLE MKJHBTICE v;.;3.s-1A3:-IA:s1_:1? ‘

caxmmx. REVISEON pE*r§r;ar¢ 1ca;%s45;T:;i:é:ya..%% :3


AGED59 YEARS A V     "


2 BHE§RATZ~i~@ ‘B’HARA1’-3 E13}; ‘
S] O.’?fii’MM21.NN£§.§. Manse
CH_,I’I’I¥:Amr§aAr– ‘


. ‘ V. .,w,IQ..§1E:;gr;ANNA, MAJOR
_ T_R’,t.a.;’v:;;§;:<:xAg;oNDANA.HAL:;z VILLAGE
" ._ (3-Ii'?RE;D¥§R'GA

_ 4 "3m;a:e:::;éMMg

V ._V W;'-G;BH§iRA'FESH,
V {3§T{I'{'RAD£}RGA ?E«"§"E'§'EGE¥'ERS

gr: : A R 3335:, ADVQCATE. 3

. . &ND:

1 S’F.+§’I’E CEF’ I{AR§’¥A’I’AKA


by accusaszi :3 and 4 would 12.311 within the ambit Of’S£X3Téi€?1″_1 “-WV

3:23 19:3,, and not S6ci:£0.1’3. 3:24 rfw. 34 :;Dct’,”.::}§é’A:’ –

accused 3 anal. 4 have commiftcci fl1§§m§)fi;Ef}’ICI;’3″

Imder Sccfioii 324 r/w. 34 fPCi;-1: w:£;;ou:A;1:1:+:s:21¢:§{§:n’ “;»;.x.j:~;{-.«:

the same is iiabie to he set .»as*-i§iz=:. VH:§v§*– iézafir that
evicieztzce of PWS. I, 3 and he %:5$%:u1te<i
with stone on the ghest fracture cm

the ribs :£:;«:;* dear that 116 has
committe d._t}:ié under Section 324 IP("ji.,

and accordfiigiyf; I. }:z o1dV firxémg 01"'t11c courts belew

iihat Natl" "–}1éi$___Ca}mI13:ittcd the cfiéncc punishable:

IPC., arid accuseci. N042 committed the

émdcr Section 326 {Pf}, is entitled ta $3:

V .{:.on_tir fi'md the finding 01' the ccsmts bsisw that

':~2§.: m}st:{i 4 haw: cmznmfittzd the afiéince punishable:

afi.i§:'if'%c§0n 324 r/W. 34 IPC., is liable to be sat asidt: and

'pmaézcution has pmved that accused 3 311$ 4 cemmimt-d

{ha ofiisance ptizxishabia zlnzisr Sficirion 323 IPC and ts) that


saié to be excessive as ta call far izitsxihrfince its:

revisisn. Accuacd N9.:2 has been semfi.13.<*:ed to fjgiif-i€%r,<%1ii':…§3'f « '

far (3116 year and to pay $3116 <3!' Rsfiifibgbgg/_'. "é{;'f§a.1§it V£':'_)fV

paylmxlt of fine ta uncictrga SI ii): o:1€'~.n1 f€s;r i§;Q:;%?6a;;§s and.
the samfi is reducmi is cs::A¥::::!_.’Vje_ra:”:_a1–:_fi”£:33,j–_ cgurf and
the sent::.m:e iazpesgd by igzgfigla a£:<:ir1.m:3c1

N03 '£0 U»;1("E'1*gC§ RI fE£i,:f"ene._g%€ar élairjxairt at all be said tars bs
m:css$iV€ 'i3aVf11g 1*é,gd:§a3;~«:?,'T»t;§'TV:Zr1§*3 fizscts !:33'Z(3 €'i1'Ct}imSi«§~.3;¥fif3€3S :3?"
I315: casssr. Acé1:2rdAi13g13fl._§ j_::'.aS.:"¥;_fl§.€ féaliowing order:

The re\;is;T¢3:;____i_$&.a11owad in garb The fixdgmcnt of

'~.{:m3;iI§.e::i_:i<}r;. a~:i:<},.4Vsr::1_i:e1;c<2 passed against accused 1. and 2 is

«::c§i;fii'};qedV;" of the appciiatc court that the

VV pros1a3é"i:tio£i f:z2t:$ proved beyezmd rtrtasonahie doxzbt £:h;_1i

H 'a{§C'gxsed 4 have commififid flhfif ofihncs punishahla

¢}fi1§fi?'SéCfiG13 324 r/W, 34 IPG, is set aside and accusefl .3

a-;3.=:;¥;–T:4 are ifbmixd gtiflty sf having cammirtfid flag 0131511292

VA gunishahle unéer Stiction 3:23 {PC and '§1hfi_§«' arr: se:3Itr:::nr:e+;:I%;


is pay finse Bf R5.1,{}(}O/– (Rupaes 0315 tiwusaxld

and in default to tmdergo Si fie: one n:¢:i;1§i1:1. .. }

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