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Patna High Court – Orders
Indal Paswan vs The State Of Bihar on 6 August, 2010
                              Cr.Misc. No.26439 of 2010
                       INDAL PASWAN, SON OF KALEWAR PASWAN
                                 THE STATE OF BIHAR

2. 06.08.2010 Heard learned counsel for the petitioner and the


The petitioner seeks bail in a case instituted for the

offence under Sections 457, 380 and 411 of the Indian Penal


Considering that the petitioner is in custody since

15.2.2010 and the petitioner’s father undertakes responsibility

of the petitioner’s conduct after he is released from jail custody,

let the petitioner above named, be released on bail on

furnishing bail bond of Rs. 5,000/- (Five thousand) with two

sureties of the like amount each to the satisfaction of Chief

Judicial Magistrate, Sitamarhi, in Sitamarhi P.S. Case No. 74 of

2010 subject to the following conditions: (i)That one of the

bailors will be a close relative of the petitioner who will give an

affidavit giving genealogy as to how he is related with the

petitioner. The bailor will undertake to furnish information to the

court about any change in address of the petitioner and the

other shall be the father of the petitioner. (ii)That the affidavit

shall clearly state that the petitioner is not an accused in any

other case and if he is, he shall not be released on bail. (iii)That

the bailor shall also state on affidavit that he will inform the court

concerned if the petitioner is implicated in any other case of

similar nature after his release in the present case and

thereafter the court below will be at liberty to initiate the

proceeding for cancellation of bail on the ground of misuse.

(iv)That the petitioner will give an undertaking that he will

receive the police papers on the given date and be present on

date fixed for charge and if he fails to do so on two given dates

and delays the trial in any manner, his bail will be liable to be

cancelled for reasons of misuse. (v) That the petitioner will be

well represented on each date and if he fails to do so on two

consecutive dates, his bail will be liable to be cancelled.

( Anjana Prakash, J.)

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