K M Kedarnath vs K N Surendranath Gupta on 20 April, 2009

Karnataka High Court
K M Kedarnath vs K N Surendranath Gupta on 20 April, 2009
Author: K.Sreedhar Rao Gowda

§€a:::z3;::aga:’a::.: :31′: E 333 3,
19 $ , §%E_:»:$:;;3:”;{.€z=::’T:%s
{Big Sri. -36}. <';':_%3a§"::;1 ‘ESE :’fw é;}1jéE<::*ei-f{i %£€'{{§ Ei
Mr} ef {ha Cfidfi of {EVE} §3:'{}{:E3{3§E1§'€;:jM&§§ai:1;%§§i"Tiiéfif;j{:.{§§;:§'§§sii§'E'{:=

zmai {i€:<:::'e<*: <:iat€:{i Ei;i.8.'i2{}U{§ 'g;33.:'~.:S<:d'i.;1:3_i?3;.§.'§.;
Eyjék fzfifia C»i'#'fi J?;}€3:g€} 3f.§:}§'}. 3:16:17, ;I?.£§?.f£, 'E%3z3:4zz:;<::1é;:g;§;:":~;;;;};3

£ii'&§}'§1i8S§I?ig the Sui': ii}? <:i€c§arat:i:1.,’v._§3a§fti€i{>::;_’;3:ié; *”§€§;382§f&}f€u


‘file abmse E%3.E%”1é$., cc:In;i::ixgf»v:;:;~._Vf0r §.’:€;£i;ifi;:?1g;%tE’:%é; =:”§aj+;3
S§%3Ef=:$E-‘AR RAG. §§. dailisscresgi ‘:}f;::~.i;:s§Ec:z._%i:’;g: ”

iivrae E{;’:2E ,S1fit:;=;:::if*;2§1aTi:h. {§?9z:pt.a {i}a§”§:.§’§*;:. E: iiilii

i’v§ai1a1’f: €E1%€’:f:_.};’~$f:j«.. §3:*e%;§1a2*5 a;;;:<:*: =:':<}:1s'3z:jzt2::<:<§ a

§a§.:3€,;i"a3:;i%§". .V;.?i%3}€: ~§;i3z1:::Lifs "wag sariiei' iieirzg §§iE{}}f}i§§ }€::":€%i:(1g

V'4§}3;E§§}."}{':$'é'f§8i;}.s33'_al'5G éiaaiézzg is: irieih, §}e§'t.§\E&iZ§ in ma azzéi. fig

'{.§1£i'.- f31253:Ef},~.{§§;?.:}{§§'i;…§"§'{§. 1. (3:15 E{.E:.!§. ?a.§::amai.%: i3 §}if:§;,;§'%e§z;i~;cg:s ;:s§%%~m: m:,m~ $3.’ ¥,}€ft.?¥3′{:f:3. 3 ami 2. -?:’m: p;a;:1:;:2§:”

33:5 ‘E<::e<iaraziai:E::$ 239$: sf i')€§'£.N<3B2, *§"'h«r:': ;§3.§a3?_:;i;.i';?.3E'

:":':§:'.a.{3:' '§f§'1::'<}:2g.lf: E313 ms::='€.h§::' as 3133*: §:§*is:m§ §iE::£§ 2:: %;:1*;%'

V' '"€?:_:s1* ;;3a:"€:§€.§.s;'f; arzzé $€§}§a;':~fi.{: ;2::::&:s€$$§a§: {sf EES $§';:3;§'s: iii

$'iE§E. S€§":fi{§ 2.1%: g}2's:;7§%}<zrE;4_i{=,§ C{}E"iS§.3§§,§§3;§§ :33?' 3 hfiiififi $f?;{3v;::_ E33:

_'§,L';'%§':'€'%§:..'E'%é'z'3n£ z:z3§::;%:r'2:C:e<§ £2 §1:;s§5é Elzéz’ his 3;:-3%;i<:ii=::::::::
"'§"'Z%':a<:§'<%:§7<}z*é:, 't::?:€: gaiii <*:§;*<:z2::::vs€s§.3":c€ ii;s::n;,:%<§ :':i’:§;iim:1%:.§;{>:”: §.n%: siamfi af?::”:§” E’-:§{.§}. E58 {§}8f’?{§g§§§:§:}VV{f§*5’§{E.i§§

ii” “‘§”E::§: €§’§’i(.iii’§’}{‘§i§ an 3;?-‘::30:”{i {§iS<:i@:§<:$ '§-ffifiév j§;:,a§*§,§A:i_.§<;:;§j:

<§e€~:{i §'§x'§;") EE% ES §1()§;' $h:§m $;§'3.<.i 1"::{;§i§:i:£:§§3; ..'E'*E:":§: (iii?


§*a:,:£~:§§r€: €:§”:$id{:}:*a;’i;:E{}z1 sf §<€S,~*–?E» §3;;<§"§_;*~§ é::::& %1::..".V;%'§%;€–:i§E.<:'s:%

3'1'1{}§'Z%3fs;" 313": §21;H:E:2:s{: sf' 2': g;2'*:;;_';::f'*'é}j'%;'i"§%C%i §:'%::i%_i3§:j§§: s:%iz:aE.€

sgziafi $i§'::.%_ia:'* in {§.imei'i3i=3 :*;:..%;.. E SEEEEEE
ii}? 293. ‘i. Eaiééz, ‘i’E’;{;: i”.3€:§’fL §§§;}:§ 2._1*:3§,$ §i3:=;%::.V{:{;é:’:sé3’z1:tE{2{§ 3 E:.s.:}13.:~:.:i:.

‘§t”§’:=: i”::;.s,.7 géssééi’ %fE”‘:::.§§3:?i§§2€:”i_§{%:§, ‘fE”:ei::”t=; is: :29 iiE1&?’1i3’§f’§§§3 21>
$:.1gig€:s’i, i;?;;e:% é§.§”1i:.g,i;¢,;i§:f’i~.% :i<:s:: ' '§«'-:1='S§T'i3L§1'§. észjfiéi i':i: _§:):::%%:% 7&8 §,3;§’?3$S§}=’ §:’:a{i:*:q’a:a’:i:: “$53 g;:€:.:*1::§§.

V é’$:3§i:?a*3tT:’;;Zi”%.:g {SS5 .§a:’1:ii§{§é’:.

‘T1 :1§’.§:”~-5§’%1§:;’-Eflzfiéiifigg S§’1{}’飒§: Er: iiléiliéii ?€<:a2 :3? mg: 323%:

s+';<::.?:§Q?é':%{§a:.§i__g*E: §$ «;::'§§i}$§{§iES§fv'" 3 §}a;'§.§":erS%;§§2 33233321535 {:::::'1s§$'é',§§:g 9%'

H _ ':.iJz_::_fa:§:i'i§? sf '£313 §;f;%€f§:,§\E'<;:«3;,E 321:3 2% '§_'§'1,€ EL}ef%j*éT€§$g E 3:26; ',2

f:«.:r€J "é§éi§{:§fi7:s€:{§ 2&3 §<;az"%.E'33_ {:5 Efiaaiz.' :*s3;$"§:§{:{:E§'a:§: §i:";:.%,f:E§€$,

V' "'*'§'.?§fif$§<):'%:.§ ii, {:33 3:37;: 336: figiéi mag: {mi 'b*e_:3i§ie$$ £3 3 ggéyzi

f2§z'::§.Ef; itmaézieas.

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