Karnataka State Road Transport … vs V L Ramesh on 14 August, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Karnataka State Road Transport … vs V L Ramesh on 14 August, 2009
Author: Huluvadi G.Ramesh


DATED THIS THE 14″‘ DAY 01? _zx1r(:I,%~.3:’r2g;a”9 { Q


THE HONBLE MR.JUS’f»i(_-TE Hi?I§’¥’Al}i;”(j,:§§g§hri_}?$SHV f %

wan’ P1~:T1’1’10N N().s7′{ 3906
;tw_:.__s” hm.


B}:Z’I’WEEN::_” % {,3

21591 01;

Karnamka§Smia Rné3 ‘ ‘

Transport’ £?[;jtp0rét§$n, — _

Central C3ffi¢e.§; __ — ‘

Shantfiinagar; .

Bangaiare-456002?_; _ ” 4′

By its Man’aginfigV Dércctafg’ ”

New represented.b};’ its

. – ‘C1″§;–iéf ¥;aw”V’Qff1ccr.V H “”” ”


AND; % X

” V n \”%._}n,.R’amash3
v .S;’C¥:_N.M,Lakshmaiah Shetty’,
A Agéd about 36 years,
V% 2 __N0.52, 2″‘: Crfisa 2″‘! Main,

Vivekananda Calmiy,
Near Banashanlstari Temple,
Kanakapiara Main Rm; ,


Bangaiore-560078. ..RF;SPONDENT.

(By Sri.S.B.I\/Iiikkasznappa, Adv.)

This Writ Petition} is flied under Arficzgg 2:z6:;g::d 221*; nf
the Constitution of India praying ta €512.35}; the aiiiafd d’t..1_’_7.5′;{)5V’ ‘ .
made in I.D.No.93..f98 by the District »and_; S¢;s;é;i;)23.:;”.¥?:;dgé..:Aan.c§ ‘
Presiciing Officer, Principal I..ab<iur 'Céxurt, ¥3angzrj<ir¢«._.:#i:i.¢


W.P.N().21 591.305:

BETW’_EE.:’é :

V.L.Ranr:€:sh, V’

s:o.N.M.Laksh:.:;a;aan $en;s, ”
Aged abo§;’t’«’13’___\;’éarf?-.. ” A

a ‘-

No.52, 2*’ §lrs:%:_sV.<§2""' {'v1aii¥i;_- &

Viv6i:anaz;déi5§I0_iaifiy, _ _

Near Bafiashankajfé __

K:–.1z3aka1p_ui'a% Main f3{1a,d;.,,,_ ' ' "

BangaiQre%=§6G078–_. A " " ..PETITIONER

V' _, Sfiw;S-B.}\4zA1V§§fika3H1'appa, Adv.)

AA ' ,§=.'.*, .

L ,.

A’F§¥e Ccxztrolier,

Kazfgaaiaka State Ruad

AA Transgbrt Cczrporation,
T V Bangalore Raga} Division,
_ V Subhashnagar,
Banga10re–560009. ..RESP()NBE-NT

(By Sri-i4,.(}0viVI:d/raj? Adv.)

This Writ Petition is filed under Artistes 226 and 227 at
the Constitution of India. prayizzg to quash the finpugngd award
dt.}7.5.05 by the Fri. Labour Court, Bangalore in I.D;N’o.93.!98
vide Ann-A in so far as it reiates tn the dezziai wages
and other consmquential benefits? under the» . .fif’a.gté’ _._ a~:1d
circumstances ofthc case. ” ‘V

Theme Writ Pctiticms comiztg 0:1 dr(tet§”’tI5i’é::”d_a§;the .

Court made the foliowingz



In these two ;3§tit.i.(;:2:s:Vt};§”‘?t1I;::tétg;:rI1cntAAa:;§ we}! as the

workman are a._ssaiiing.. the Prl. I,ab:~sur

Cour; Bafigggmmt%tntI.t§§Ng.93z93 dated 23.5.05.
tA_}}e:.giV§§g_ ttiégtt :t_t.i’sc:f;:”:(iizct ef pmducing fake medical

.V%_re§:n{§izr.<:-mztent for uniawfut gain an enquiry was

V §ih'sti'iut%.é<i..':1g;ai';–1"3t the w0rk.trsan who was warkiing as an Artisan

'ezfiéarvthét{T.dt;~a0ratit3n ané after enquiry, he was dismissad from

A sert3ic§t:'<311 23,598,, .aga£;;st vahich, wurkman raimci a eiisputa

Sectican §0(-4–~A} {1f the I.¥,).Act bcfsra tits Pri. Labour

Ccurt, Bangalmc. The iabour Ctaurt by order éated }.7,5-G5

w§1i¥e setting aside the order of dismissaf has 0:*dt:'"ra7d far

reinstatemetzt to his ariginal past with mntinttity Exit

withmzi: back wages. Being aggrieved by the tyiifiiifixlifii'

back wages the workman is béfare:-..tf;§s ~C€;:jr%- 4a:idLA__v§»3i[fig

aggrieved by the order of :gai::_$t&téin~£:iii theV VM]§:2agett:§;envf

before this Cmrrt.

3. Heard-__ ..

%ifi3;*ar§i ofthe ¥ab0ur Court is that
the wfaykmafi h;;S’VA;E§e§§r1–~._.f§iia<},I1itted in the criznirzai case: due ta

inS1{.f,5Qicnf'infi:est§'gaii{;z§:.It has alga observed that the (mmers

. ., 4§;v'f"'tAf§e2"'§1:'1:'*»€:§icg'_=..t} sht§ ;'i§&}&2ave appeared befbm the Court and stated

by the wmicman do But beirmg in them

afié it has denied to award back wages while awarding

" ., " rVt:é;;st2ii:eme:;t with continuity ofsttrvice. Afie: {einstatement ihe

w<:3rk¥¥:a:z saié tn haw Wfifkfid far two years. Now he Wants 13:}

resign far the jab- However, in the izzierest of jzistice, whiic

maintaining this Qrdar crf labmzr Crmrt in granting snniinuity of


service it wauld be zippmpriate R) extend the benefit sf

consizqizexxtiai benefits since the mbour C01_1.rt_ 'fiat

specificaliy denied the cnnscquential bc11ei§ts.V'§§$"'ti%:;c:' V'

but 'W§th€)i.i{ back wages.

5. With thf: above 0bse:*s*2{€*i:i§1s_; flied by the
workman as well as by; thézt M&nag§’::.11’é’:i§vv~:§fedisposed sf.


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