Kumaraswamy Mineral Exports vs State Of Karnataka on 4 March, 2010

Karnataka High Court
Kumaraswamy Mineral Exports vs State Of Karnataka on 4 March, 2010
Author: V.Gopalagowda & B.S.Patil

Dated: 4th day af March 2010 


Ho3:1'{)ie M1:*.J{ESTICE V.GGPAf,,~A  A A; "  


Hz:)n'b}e  '~ A 

WRIT PEZYTYON .2\re§;~ 38/290'? 13633313;
Srifiumaraswamy A " A . AA__ 

Rep. by S.F.\2'1jay"-- A'  ' 

General Mafiagelr, _ .

No.87,_S.--V._Ccs10113=::,A. » j __ 

93381" E~€jumaI'a:§'~fgvan:y Tffifliplfi, --

Ciub Read,'  »E'>v8'3._.V104~.A .a.PE'P1TIONER

  {Byv  :_.ARa0, Senier Adv.
Afi3fASi'§.AA1'E§f{1Cih Anarld, Adv. }

A ._},'.'   arfiiamataka,

r Rap. 1:3y"_'vitS'{;Secreta1y,
A E)ept., . sf "§:§:"est,
Eitgiégf 83 Envirenment,

 AA 'fiwpémbeékar Rcaad,
'  " -B;aL:1ga10re~ 56% .001,

A    T116 Fsrester,

E%.§vi,B~ Sactor,
Sandur Range,


3. The Range Fares: Ofiicar,
Sandur Range,
Sandur, 13611211}; fiistrict.

4. The Deputy conservatm' of Forests,
Ballary Division,

:3. Principai Chief Censervator of Egrest, I "  V'
Aranya Bhavan,   
Malieswaram 18th Cress,


6. The Director ofMi:1es & (Z'xé@}.$:3g'y,
Qfipartzlzent of Mings 85 G<:Q_l€3sgy,"V
"Khanija Bhavan", A_F1<:_~é}r,_ A  .4 V 
Rage Course Road,  '  R_  }
}3ar1ga101'e~«560 G01. *   '

'7. State' _
Re;:i:.__ by "Rs  A '  _ '
D€pa:'{n"i€3I1t- Qi"~€"}'x31r1n;5e:c:: 33
i1}d¥..1S'iii'§§3S {Mi:1¢s), »-- 
Barggaiorfi v.   

 V'  .8.  i@:ep~z;ty Diféiitér <}fMin<§:3 & Geology,

'*E");ep_a1"tm§fit__0f Mines 85 Ceoiagy,

 ._HQ'$p5§:§}. ~   RESPGNQENTS

A  {B}; .  _S'fi;§.G.K9§e, ASA for respondants )

~ 589»

..  ' ,  .*iF€.P is raga under miezes 5225 & 22:? 0f the
.  ffcnétitutian 0:' Endia praying ta direct the respomittms is

ré~«va1idate the geelogicai perxnits iSSE1$d on 63?-2C:{}9 'aside

 "Z§n:1exu:*es--E-E, H1, H2 & H3 arm to issue farest/transit
' pass st:c::,,


This WE' coming on far Pr1.heaI'i:1g befcsre the Gaul':
this day, Pati1,J passed the fo110wing:-- 


Pfrtitiflfléi’ has approached this Coziiff’

direction to respondents ta r§=:~va;}§.date}f; ‘gébi§3géa1 ‘

permits issued on 6.7.2009

and H-3 and further to diréc€.L.’L:iss1;:e {)f.f{)I*5:Si_;

pass far §ra11sp<}rtaticI':§_0ftI;e":r:i::fifa§'.

2. The g”rieva1_1€z~3. {if tfzcfypétitifiwiitif is that despite

making sevafal ji_§r3 i}ié”é~uth0r’ities :0 grant
forest/1i:ra31sitV “%e:§ 1″.5:b’l<§ it to tra11Sp03:'t the mined

minera}, "E'_i_19e* _fé1'_e§:': "d§;)m'tment did not giant such

pr3r::jitS.L" In tfiév–firggess, the periadicai permits issued by

»!:1:f1:zA%ii:iv Geology departnxsmt for 3 period 0f 30 days

Véiiépartmerzt, despite rézquast, did not re-

g r.rai2wards reyaity payable. 533 {ha

‘ f:;§i1®ral Eawfuiiy axtracted. has I101: been {3e:*11″::;t:*.;r3d is ha

” Eifted by issuing 815 required permi$si{::z: after fconsidering


the represantatian, the petitzloner has appmached this

Court seeking the aferementioned reliefs.

3. Thé State Gsvemiment has filed countervfifitiavit

on 22.2.2{)£0. It is (:0r;te11de.d that as the _

forest. officer W110 visited the mining arrza…

2039 found that required quaniiityi-c};f.fiimt1.’ Ore ‘W;:~1$_,. 11¢?

available anti cirawn a pancha:;a1fié;»,_t6 tha£v”éff€r:§;, >

the apprehension that the Ey vbbtainmg
transit permits» n1a}I$€1ii%.’LjVc(ii1″:{iscat€d iron are

izzvaivgid’ 1?? I / 2008~G9, the request
made ‘£’;}”:3_fS ‘§(£2#t’Q§}1;§§$i££3€f§{§«.4 The afiidavit further I°€V€i:’1};$

that new ” the Eieparunent has fisticed the

“r_ep;~:%seiz::at:{;ns éafiifiittea on, 26.10.2009,

i 1.200% to the 3:’I{*3§L’it}’ DiI”ec%’:<3§f and

:}1§2"~«.__ §§_;'e$fi§f, Separtmeniz 0:" Eéfmes and Geeiczgy,

"a.ppr@:p1'.ééfi$ acéiima xvii} be taken an& iransit passes 5.21

81' 28 wfi} be issued.

4, in tiza Eight of the pleadings and upm”: healing

V ‘%lear2*:1@d Samar Ceunseli far the gsetiticner and $316

Add}. Gavemnnent Adm-Cate appearing R313, rr3sp<}1'1de11ts,

sizme the petitiailer has given an Lmdertakizlg bafore Eh:-2

authorities and submits before {I133 001,11': tixrotggfiai the

isasbned 831110? Clezmsel that it wifl not r€:*!i;0€;_é'.j' §13;:~:

coxifiscasted mineral anfi we request is__'v_"<3;:11y-.A.:'fa:; Title;

purpose of t1*a:1sper't.§1"1g the :::;iI1€:i;ii ; <*?L;=;;ti*é;;<;'i::c:1{?:.. AV

undispmsd area, wt: fmd; 2:10 ifi1pédin1e:j1€¥ 'iségué 2%},

direction as sought for by petitib:3<§i'.' We say 33
because in the statefizgfit of'_Veo}3riE5:;°.§'iI$(} the resp0n_ g’§;ré§I; %?§s 0111:; the famst transit passes.

T§*1@:4§:g$057t:3gi::au1 “peIf:_a§1:t grams:-cl has, in the meafiwhile,

‘§.%.vij’Sg£zE,£.V’ ‘«.’1’}1§§;i*r:f0re, direction has :0 be issueé in that

regaré. ‘£~I€::’1C:ir’-: W6 pass the faliewing ardsrsw

Régpéfidczzfs 6 and 8 am diracteé Ea xwvaiiéaie $315

A ..fl.g7e§§7g§eai p€I’§Iii’£S 1331366 £31: €>.”?,2fiG<} as gar gximexfwes

' 1-162 and H43 far Lranspafimg the mineral Wiflzizi

" . o r2e wag}: fmm the date {if receipt of 3 e::<:.~py of ibis; 0I'€i€I°'

gé tizeraaftsr the flab respendent 3118.31 i$$1:.€


fares:/traI1:3it passes as eXped;i'i;ic3us%y as passible, at a:'.iy_

rate wii:I':in a period of 0116 Week thweafisr.

5. Writ P€ii{iOI} is ozlisposéxi c:fa<;1f(_§ing§j,}V.”‘ ” *



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