Lalan Mehta vs The State Of Bihar on 13 July, 2011

Patna High Court – Orders
Lalan Mehta vs The State Of Bihar on 13 July, 2011
                              Cr.Misc. No.45035 of 2010
                          Lalan Mehta, s/o- Deep Narayan Mehta.
                                   The State Of Bihar

3 13.07.2011 This is repeat application filed on behalf of petitioner

seeking anticipatory bail.

Earlier, petitioner along with other co-accuseds had

moved this Court for anticipatory bail which was considered

and disposed of by order dated 16.4.2009 (Annexure-1).

Paragraph Nos. 1 and 2 of the said order reads as under:

“1. Learned counsel for the petitioners seeks
permission to withdraw this application so far
as petitioner no. 1 Lalan Mehta is concerned.

2. The application is permitted to be
withdrawn so far as petitioner no. 1 is

Learned counsel submits that charge-sheet in the

present case has been submitted under penal provisions of

Indian Penal Code and not under S.C./S.T. Act. If that be so,

the petitioner will surrender and pray for regular bail which shall

be considered in accordance with law keeping in view the fact

that some of the co-accuseds of the said case were privileged

with anticipatory bail.

With this observation, the application is dismissed.

On the request of the counsel for the petitioner, let

the order be communicated through fax after depositing

appropriate fee.

( Kishore K. Mandal, J)

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