Lalit Poddar vs State Of Jharkhand on 22 March, 2011

Jharkhand High Court
Lalit Poddar vs State Of Jharkhand on 22 March, 2011
                                  A.B.A. No. 453 of 2011
           Lalit Poddar                                         ...       ...      Petitioner
                                  ­V e r s u s­
           The State of Jharkhand                               ...         ...      Opposite Party
           For the Petitioner               : ­ Mr. M.K. Dey, Advocate.
           For the State                    : ­ Mrs. Anita Sinha, A.P.P.

Anticipatory   bail   application   filed   by   Lalit   Poddar,   in 
connection with R.P. Case No. 11 of 2007 corresponding to RPF Post 
DPS   No.   48   of   2007   pending   in   the   court   of   Railway   Magistrate, 
Chakradharpur, is moved by Sri M.K. Dey, learned counsel for the 
petitioner and opposed by Smt Anita Sinha, learned Additional P.P. 
for the State.

Written report reveals that petitioner was indulged in theft of 
iron ore.

Considering   the   same,   I   am   not   inclined   to   enlarge   the 
petitioner   on   anticipatory   bail.   Accordingly,   anticipatory   bail 
application is rejected.


    (Prashant Kumar, J.)

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