Ledlie vs Ledlie on 2 May, 1895

Calcutta High Court
Ledlie vs Ledlie on 2 May, 1895
Equivalent citations: (1895) ILR 22 Cal 544
Author: Sale
Bench: Sale


Sale, J.

1. I think the petitioner is entitled to the relief, which she seeks in this suit, and the marriage must be declared to be dissolved. A decree, dated 14th April 1891, was obtained by the petitioner in the former proceedings instituted by her for judicial separation, and is sufficient evidence, in the first place, of the marriage of the parties; and, in the second place, of the cruelty, on which the decree is founded. There is further evidence now of the identity of the parties to the present proceedings, and, further, of the fact that the respondent is now living in adultery with a woman, who is not the petitioner. Under these circumstances the petitioner has sufficiently made out a case for dissolution of marriage. There must be a decree nisi for dissolution of the marriage, with costs to be taxed on scale No. 1.

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