M Girijamma vs The Managing Director on 27 May, 2008

Karnataka High Court
M Girijamma vs The Managing Director on 27 May, 2008
Author: Manjula Chellur Nagaraj

ms MFA as men :;,:s :?3«:1> 0? MV ACT AG;s.::x§s*§jT?HE
auaemem Ai\I£2′.> AWARD m~rem1.s.o3 PAs$.E_£f:r j naa % mvc.

N0/%$8fC:2 022: THE FILE Ga’-‘ THE ems. sugars
cempemsmom AND $55:-1jc.’*.1§§fz§e5’ éaxeii.

2. in; t’i”f a1:l _:t?’1e’ ‘séspondents have net
céiaiiersgefi. ?s’é§.$:1n:;§¥ 3% far as me raaéz afié
neqiigéat d.r%véE1§: “‘%:»f:’ft§§::e1 tfie offending vehicée. iéaere is no
need to cg?’ fie said issue.

:3. “¥”%1-an c¢§r1%ng;_§t.uéfa%i«né¥:+ %:jy.__th{é’éppe%§ant Girijamma in the saéd accident and her

freéimefiti . av? in-upazierat at Bataan’? Medicai fiefiege Hssgeééai.

— £¥av_ang5e’ré..

4. According ta the Seamed coLmse¥ fer the am:-eéiant the

‘ “age of the 3;:-peifarzt was 53 years as :36? the petition and therefcre,

having regard ts: her age. the Tribunai Guam :0 have tak¢n.é§:$ S~.cf

mcame 0f the appeiiant based on the notécmaf in§é”mé.’_’v:-3$_’1’ .5; _
housewife which awarding tn: the aapeiiant i:e ‘

Rs.1S8i- per day he. as housewife and1__a§s<a;fiigfinfi-T:a'iéQ'ri~é§ 'wafkw


5, Ass agaénsé this. 3% iearrz’v%§:iv~.V§;?¢;:gV1’seiV réfifaonéents
submit thrcauahsut the r1r1e~s»A’V:.§.i:»i}’féti_re?;V<::Vc2r§:3sL" _fi%ed 'cfiéafévm peiéfian
{fie ace of the agpeiiant a§~\f§q« §/6&5 and there§ore.
fie: age canni:-t £._§-é ¢';:.£§s:d¢;r¢d ef the accident He
further fi{v£1a*€s0ever was meciuced
fegardirgfité§%ér§::§§_Vw$?i§V:ir§fi'e.V§3i acatzrding to him questian
sf §:ra::§V%"r*::;" any 3935 cf future inst:-me as a

fiausewife b;%"':-a§~:é'::gV;1st颖s:ai~~«i'%icome wcuid not arise in View of ihe

V, _ai:3e.=vu;:+§}:*;¢e;»_r.;s;§' m%edEc$i"e%*éé.e31ce t0 the effect that she is net cambie cf

'a%.?é'r:::§iTng..4év=§n. her day-to-day house werk as a housa wife.


A 5, 255% gene through the evidence cf the ameéiant and

Hszzx aisd orthopedic dearer whc treated her at fiasuié hosssitaé.
"_§?:e§;:5§T§37§s reveai that she suszaéneé inter trcuzshantric ffaciuré of the
{fight femur and the reduction «sf the fracture became more fiainfui

v am} siressfui an account G? the appeiiani being a known déabetéc

aatient fer the 16 years (me: is the accident. Because efvtfigége

and the natufe of the fracture' éfictars deciéed ta ?_§9éi::§iéf:;e—J: .

framsre by fiiifflifiai intervention with émcigpnts. '§5ie'a§9:§7¢jj~s§<§'ii§§e«.tha§"

she wa$ in 'me ézespétai an we first <:_r;as%§rs._fietxveerzv"VE?,§'f'§9S{§3'gin

8.44999. in aii 106 days. Medicai 'réc§;;ss%incs;;¢é%;;'gT me §;.gseVVshee:
and disaiwarge summayy \c2{<;_ei2¥d téjere ififactien of
the wand and the same cgtsgé' ::$0t?§fd§§éfdr__é3$§i¥ fiecaasa sf
he: diabeies. :§§he; iéfid far the geccmd
time in the §¢€éér':.3"31:S9"3V€c.:t?€$'j'.-:!;jéz~:::v%f§a¥L'v«: with aii the bee? mediaaf
faciiétieg ~'a*2!éiEai£V.1§i'ia? '£c;'§**é?§¥; :i'i€'fEc':3¥ity in awaiting and waikirzg
{orig disV§;a33ée'_ ax mar to the accident. Medécai

exgerts evi{§e:2_;éevvn §*é*;hé:e" raéféfs is the fact that she is zmafie to

V. at2e_m§;'i:.ta::: Vvday-'t€3'–=:¥a.§f.¥fie'i':r§< as a house wife. ir-iewevegz accaréing

':c§V'theVd<€¢£ar't!§é:§_ £5 siwrtening ef the right iee by 2". there wiéi be

"'ci~i;i'f§<§.:%i-tyvv"iré "sau§?itti%1a and she weuid not be we to walk isng

V .k aiaténce awn. wan aii this disabiiity he offers. 46%

, '; . :ger:n$néf¥:¢disability to: the rigfzt iower iimb but hewever he {Sues not

*:3.é'f'o:'i what basis he comes ta such cmciusiore. He has not stateé

-»va{§y’whe{e in the evidence that she wiii not be abie to aitenci {-2

minimum househoid work as wefi. Under mesa circumstancefi. we

ere ef the epirséen question ef awarding Jose ef future ieee-me.._en

eetienei inceme basis weuid net arise. Se aiso thereffié’eee-e.i;}£:e§_3€’ _

no evidence that she was capabie ef deigjg taiierifie’*¢1:e{é<:e';§ertAfreffi * V.

the house work she had to do. Hexihje re§jefrd4'–te':4tije–.esgseei-ef; vibe'

epeeiient and the fact that ehe.ee_:j::es'fr:)vgii* ru:e¥eV»eee%é}gfeué§;d "wee,

cannot accept the eententien ef tieveuer.-zreiierii 'there at Effie age aise
she has to werk fer the'ee€i_re feVr.r1iVE3}.e'-':.£\_: e"r*e_ethereriee! it is not a

case where she is tetaiiy di-3a'biet:£ .te eftee§i"fe1'V.ifi_i'eimum heuee heid

work. The faat"{e r'*neir:e tfieA eiie–'eeiejje end the meé-enéen
reeuiting in e$i,Sieie':ter:§'above. she wouéd eeffer
eiecerefert" ":izi'ceiriV1§'ertabieness throegheu: her
fife in 1"whefev'e-fj see indutgee in. Therefore.

eefiniteiy e¥1e_V¢¥eeeh.aes*je’ei<.feend proper cempeneatéen ee far as the

V. «_ ee;"eei{ei:_e'ew}ageewhi§§1§:1ciudes Ease of amenities of fife as wefi.

3 T. "es the exeenses and ether incieentai charges we

.siet iee th_a;t'véé;:V_%1=étes:er medicines avaiiabie at Beeuji hes:-itaé were

beueht "i5I";;.t?§e §1esp£te§ which refiect in the biifs ef the heepéiai but

A eerfre medicines were puschesed from euzeide whenever such

Ejneeicinee were not aveiiame in the hoseitai. The Tribunei was not

V Mkesetéfied in exciauding she We peneining re the purchases meee

sutséde the izosgxétai. Se aés-30 attendant charges when she waa

?'i€}$§3ita§i§éd for #06 éavs deaerves to be granted. Lé§grse§g'%é}é"§§E'§. f§%*age-3

was abie 'ac: fen:-i«: after herseif within the 2391339 at ";r:aié'ét

have taken {he services of Etf'Ef'!€'.§3flt3»__ Théfféfdfef ':;~:%;§je–.c§1es5§:t§_fé:r; :::
be awarded suitabie cc:npensat£a::}__undé¥'.£§§é f0i¥oa5.€éi§ag;.?§:¢f§édsf§; 3 .


{3} ingisry pain and su1″fari駧;~.A_ Rs. v.’v;’§G.fiv?’.?(2r;’-

{bit Permanent désabiiity and 533′ n

of amenities. 9f Eifei.-~– _ A. _ U 25,000!”-

Aifkj s%%sC:é£L g%;.zysA::kgs%kk%

(a) Media}? e-x;::{s:n5e*s §n<:i:3i:£%~ng"

fu={:s¥s3 past of 33.::rgis>–ry’for ” ”

:.;’emoxzaTi’;:f in3p:é;ajr2is_ _ ‘ 353000;’-

{b’) Atigntéant and mixer’ §!’_’j£Ci-=
denfaiu cizarges tiuring ..’£1¢:>$–

. — .,;:fta:isa’E§c_.sn fc:«rT1G6*- céays

.. « 3?’ the rate “cf {.30}? ”£ 0,660?-

.’ {:2}, _V i_r m ide:itai’ charges inciudirze

V _ T. aitgndéiafi éitxarges for another
” . 3’mcnth5 when she was at home

dgrifigfiaé recavery pericé €4,063!-

R$.’§.? 5,509/-

in 35% she is entitieci to Rs.¥.’%5,5GOf- as against {he award of

‘Tribunai tcgether with interest at 8% PA. from the date :35 giepcesii

13%? me date ef aayment.

Accerdingiy. the appeai is é:’:£¢~&;.’§_d”T in ‘p:a%7r£.

efihancing the com§::~ensatioh._ _”te_% R$f”i..i_5;5Q£3-3} ‘~a:Qair2st’

Rs.’:’8,98?:’- awarded by the Tribqnaif ” v?he>.,c;encéi*ne.d. reéégsanéent §$
directed to deposit the ccrnfiensafiitén :.a}iiéii;:§§;’iogether with interefit

avvarcied above within eigfat ‘weéé§<S.* ' "


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