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Allahabad High Court
Mahendra Kumar & Ors. vs Addl. District Judge Court No. 12 & … on 29 January, 2010
Court No. - 4

Case :- MATTERS UNDER ARTICLE 227 No. - 29 of 2010

Petitioner :- Mahendra Kumar & Ors.
Respondent :- Addl. District Judge Court No. 12 & Ors.
Petitioner Counsel :- Nipun Singh

Hon'ble Krishna Murari,J.

Heard learned counsel for the petitioners.

In the peculiar facts and circumstances of the case and in view of the 

order   proposed  to  be  passed  hereunder,   the  respondents   are  not 

being   put   to   notice   and   their   rights   to   seek 

variation/clarification/modification   in   the   order,   in   case   they   feel 

aggrieved, is being kept reserved. 

Facts are that plaintiffs­petitioners filed a suit for mandatory injunction 

restraining   the   defendants­respondents   not   to   transfer   the   suit 

property by means of sale deed, gift deed or mortgage etc. except in 

favour of the plaintiffs or the persons suggested by them. Another 

relief of mandatory injunction to direct the defendants­respondents to 

obtain   ‘No   Objection   Certificate’   from   various   departments   as   per 

agreement between the parties was also prayed. An application for 

temporary   injunction   was   also   moved   to   restrain   them   from 

alienating, transferring  or creating  third party interest over the  suit 


It is contended by learned counsel for the petitioners that though the 

defendants­respondents   have   put   in   appearance   and   filed   their 

objection to the temporary injunction on 20.3.2009 but till date the 

application  is   pending  and  has   not   been  disposed  of.   It   is   further 

submitted that the taking advantage of the fact, when the defendants­

respondents started negotiation to transfer the suit property to the 

outsider,   another   application  dated  15.1.2010  was   filed  which  has 

been directed to be put up on the date fixed. Learned counsel for the 
petitioners   has   also   pointed   out   that   criminal   proceedings   under 

Section 420, 467, 468 & 471 I.P.C. were also initiated against the 

defendants­respondents and they challenged the same before this 

Court   by   filing   an   application   under   Section   482   Cr.P.C.   being 

criminal misc. application  no. 712 of  2009  wherein  after giving an 

undertaking by them that they are ready and willing to execute the 

sale   deed   in   favour   of   the   plaintiffs­petitioners   after   obtaining   ‘No 

Objection Certificate’ from the various authorities, their arrest were 

stayed by this Court. 

Considering the aforesaid facts, the writ petition is disposed of with 

the   direction   to   the   Additional   District   Judge,   Court   No.   12, 

Muzaffarnagar   to   decide   the   application   for   temporary   injunction 

moved by the plaintiffs­petitioners in accordance with law after notice 

and  opportunity   of   hearing  to  all   concerned  within  a  period  of   six 

weeks from the date of production of a certified copy of this order 

before him. 

In   view   of   the   fact   that   the   defendants­respondents   have   already 

given   an   undertaking   before   this   Court   that   after   obtaining   ‘No 

Objection   Certificate”   they   will   execute   the   sale   deed   and   on   the 

basis of the undertaking, an order has been passed directing them to 

obtain ‘No Objection Certificate’ and execute the sale deed in favour 

of the present petitioner till disposal of the temporary injunction, the 

defendants­respondents   are  restrained  from  alienating,   transferring 

or creating 3rd party interest over the suit property.

It   is   made   clear   that   the   court   below   shall   decide   the   temporary 

injunction application independently on its own merits without being 

influenced by any observation made hereinabove. 

Subject to aforesaid directions, the writ petition stands disposed of 


Order Date :- 29.1.2010

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