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Karnataka High Court
Manjunath S/O. Basappa Sunagar, vs State Of Karnataka, on 19 August, 2011
Author: B.V.Pinto

, 3 V}

This petitémz is filed Seegéng baéé in Cams N957

£322″ Bjgadagi P'<}1:'c€ E§1:a1:ir35 Hawsré District?

offexicss L1I}d€I’ Sections 363, 366, 376’é{i1t§«


Rudrappa Addangadi that his was
missing since 15,04.2OE iv complaint an
17.04.20] 1 regarding aaughter, On
20.05.20} 1, they statement was
recarded ba;s_€:_dV under Section

363, 366, :fég§[sV{€f*ed agamS'{ the p€~Ii{§<m€r1

3. fisgrfi t?1<3,1'".a;i*:*2éVC§ CGUIESG} far {he pamionez" arzd

?'é3a:"f1'€<.:§ f%:§i"~.:E';€ rsééofideni.

§'§€a?E"}€'i{:_§:§§L§fES€} fer the pgzéiisner submits thaé; 3';/2:3

is §g€cZg_a?$m:€ iié }/'€€iE"S zmzti that {hes}; %:ax~'€ far

'gf§%,::p:é":§r5 G5 mgrriajga §z':§a.{:%: mzazzzrieé 82 §2;£s3ha:::":u::

It is the case of


E3. Leamsseii HCCEP cm zihss :he:r* éanzi

appiécaiiorz for ‘z:>::::ii an the g;:*; ~


6:3. Haxring régard to the factgthai fir a’}~rr: and
they voiuntaxfly came Igolice and
according to the age:Agertifiggtéé»y’1€1§%1;: completed
E6 years, I am can be

granted bail at tVi).jsTsf:;1Vg€ }0.n«d’T’3ri<:ntié; péfiition is aHow€d.

7. Th€ V’p€’f§_{§{}E1E;§:’ {‘S-‘.di’I7ECi€5_.'{(} be €n}.a:2<§€3f the C{}LE,E”E beiovs. The pstzéioyzer

sha?._ 2:0’; “‘ca:5:’:g§é:’ézrfizih ms m}3§a3;:3sm{ 95 his fgzmzfjsy

aitezrggfi: E5} _’5}’i’E’°$-.v.?§C:{€f1’§ ‘zihfiffi dufifig thé p€:f2dffZ(‘:C}’ {:93 {his

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