Md. Imdad Shah vs The State Of Bihar on 19 April, 2011

Patna High Court – Orders
Md. Imdad Shah vs The State Of Bihar on 19 April, 2011
                                 Cr.Misc. No.44626 of 2010
                                    MD. IMDAD SHAH
                                  THE STATE OF BIHAR

02. 19.04.2011 Heard learned counsel for the petitioner and the state.

Learned counsel for the petitioner submits that similarly

situated co-accused has been allowed anticipatory bail vide Cr.

Misc. No.34151 of 2010 by a bench of this court.

Taking that into consideration petitioner is also allowed

the same privilege.

Accordingly, in the event of arrest or surrender within a

period of one month from the date of receipt/production of a copy

of this order, the above named petitioner shall be released on bail

on furnishing bail bond of Rs.10,000/- (ten thousand) with two

sureties of the like amount each to the satisfaction of the Chief

Judicial Magistrate, Buxar in connection with Buxar P. S. Case

No. 161 of 2010, subject to the conditions as laid down under

section 438(2) of the Cr. P. C.

Vikash                                           ( Mandhata Singh, J.)

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