Mohan S/O Manjunath Naik vs B Gopalkrishna Bhatkal on 24 February, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Mohan S/O Manjunath Naik vs B Gopalkrishna Bhatkal on 24 February, 2009
Author: Huluvadi G.Ramesh
zsxazed this rim 24'' 134;}: offizbruary, 21999


'HIE HGN'EL.E MR JUSIWCE HL?Lm:4}3I 6§'~;:.»£ME$}I'    

Criminal Petition 1935 -,<_2a03A.,.  V
Between:  'A '

Mohan Sis Manjunath Naik, 39  ~ _
Agiculturist, Rio Mankuli, Susgadié I "
Ehatical, Karwar District V '


And:  1111  . 

1 B Gépaagrismnaigiéixgxzciaz»   V
R/0 B/imaiguiigé Su$gad:';A13haf}:3LI '
U K {}ist:r_ic{ ..  

  fl Mélenjutizsfh S50 Ii'3ppg_}'§?Jl<, 62 yrs

A & A=g1*iciiit1;risg Rio iviankuli, Susgacli
» _ ' «Bh3££§al',«  District

3  ._  fie  -- by SF'? Respondents

 V V' {By Sri  Eiégde iiudlamane, Aén; fm: R1;
 ff Sdf") " "

'   Cr;'1n£naE?e:£iti0n is fleii uncier 8.482, CIIPC praying ta set

 _ 'me she cards: dateé 29.33095 in _C.r,RP by tim Fast *13~a:;:< Court L

 j-   V   

This Criminai Petitian coming an far hearing this éay, the Cififftii "  T ~ 

made the following:


Petition is filed under 3.432, Cr.P{3 seéskixxg–t5A. fqufa.s;;* £1ie–c§rd<%:r._'_V * 3

passed by the Fast Track Court I, Kanvaf i:1__Cr1. "27f2C*{';&i'V'M'é:; #9 far': 3

as it relates to remanding the matter to :" ag{§e:z'ate,
Bhaikal to heid enquiry unde: S. 13'}; S
Perused me ;g:d'e;.g£.f 'legzxééd On the
application fzled Niagstrate passed
an order £0 Véfézurvey nuinber 21351 and
21651 of £16. same has is kc retained fer

pubiic us: as it Vbeing ~~–$a.riier, acting under 53.133, Cr.PC

3 iv}:3erei:i:%_jt}i:e ggétitionw iiédvsmaght for a decimation .5 a directian by the:
V.VSV3;§~;:fi$fisiszia1:_'n1§igi§fi'aIe wharein i: is stated that 0116 B Gopaiakrisima

had to the subdivésional magisfiatc on 13.12663
% 'gxgzmg t41j'ia:.§1;?;::A.:§s.Va4'.V:'ssid€nt of Manzcuig Bhatkai anci he had gurchaseé 9
Lazyd guntas sf iand respectively in Sy.3\Ee.2i3f3.. and 21%;': of

" = Qlfiage, Furthesg he has giver: *3 ft wide reaé an the eaxtem side
" ifiese iands fer the use ef the pubiie. it is aise siatad tfiat am Mahan

u «has {wen putting dirt cm tha road and leaving éirty watar and thereby



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