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Jharkhand High Court
Most. Shama Parween vs State Of Jharkhand & Ors on 17 November, 2011
            W.P.(S) No. 4594 of 2008
Most. Shama Parween              ...      ...   ...     ...     ...Petitioner
1. The State of Jharkhand.
2. The Deputy General of Police, Jharkhand, Ranchi
3. The Inspector General of Police, Jharkhand, Ranchi
4. The Deputy Inspector General of Police, Dumka, Jharkhand
5. The Superintendent of Police, Dumka, Jharkhand
6. The Sub Inspector, Dumka, Jharkhand          ...     ...     ...     ...Respondents

For the Petitioner :             M/s. Ruby Parween & Shagufta Naaz, Advocates
For the Respondents:             J.C. to A.G.
05/ Dated 17th of November, 2011
Oral order:
Per D.N.Patel,J:

1. Counsel for the petitioner submitted that suffice it will be for disposal of this writ
petition, if a direction is given to respondent no.2, to treat this writ petition as a
representation and decide the grievances ventilated in this writ petition in accordance
with law, within stipulated time, as given by this Court and let there be a speaking order
passed by the respondent no.2 or by such other officer authorized by the respondent no.2
for the claims made by the petitioner.

2. Counsel appearing for the respondent-authorities have no objection if this
direction is given to decide the representation in accordance with law within stipulated

3. In view of these limited submissions, I hereby direct respondent no.2 to treat this
writ petition as a representation and decide the claims of the present petitioner by
detailed speaking order in accordance with law. The decision will be taken by the
respondent no.2 or by such other high ranking officers authorized by respondent no.2
within a period of twelve weeks from the date of receipt of a copy of an order of this
Court and if the decision is taken in favour of the present petitioner, actual monetary
benefits shall be extended to the petitioner within further period of four weeks thereafter.

4. In view of the above directions, this writ petition is disposed of.



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