Mr.Amit Kumarjain vs Ministry Of Railways on 31 August, 2010

Central Information Commission
Mr.Amit Kumarjain vs Ministry Of Railways on 31 August, 2010
                               Central Information Commission

                                                                                                        Dated August 31, 2010

Name of the Applicant                                        :     Shri Amit Kumar Jain

Name of the Public Authority                                 :     M/o Railways, New Delhi


1. The Applicant filed an RTI application dt.3.2.10 with the PIO, M/o Railways requesting for information 

against 6 points with regard to toilet facilities in trains in the Muzafirnagar Distt as also regarding 

thefts in trains.  According to the Applicant the chain pulling system also delays the running of trains. 

He wondered whether some kind of intercom can  be used instead of chain pulling. The APIO replied 

on 10.3.10 enclosing the information against points 1 and 2 and adding that final reply will be sent as 

soon as it is made available to his office.  Against point 1, the CPIO replied stating that ‘the policy for  

provision   of   toilets   in   DMU/MEMU   coaches   has   been   reviewed   and   it   has   been   decided   that  

DEMU/MEMU trains having journey time of more than 2 hours will be provided with toilet facilities.  

Production   of   new   coaches   with   toilet   facilities   shall   be   started   shortly’.     Against   Point   2,   Shri 

R.D.Roy,   Dy.   Director   Traffic   Commercial­II   stated   that   ‘No   refund   is   admissible   on   unused   or  

partially   used   season   tickets’.     Shri   S.K.Singh,   APIO­II   vide   his   reply   dt.12.3.10   enclosed   the 

information against point 6 furnished by Dr.S.N.Pandey, Director/RPF.  With regard to points 1&4, the 

APIO,   Railway   Board   transferred   the   application   to   the   DGM­cum­CPIO,  Northern   Railway,  HQ, 

Baroda House on 10.3.10, requesting her to provide the information directly to the Applicant. Not 

satisfied with these replies, the  Applicant filed a complaint dt.29.3.10 before CIC.

2. The Bench of Mrs. Annapurna Dixit, Information Commissioner, scheduled the hearing for August 31, 


3. Shri W. Thangaraj, Dy. Director and Shri Niranjan, S.O. represented the Public Authority.

4. The Appellant was not present during the hearing.


5. On   perusal   of   information   provided   and   after   hearing   the   submission   of   the   Respondent,   the 

Commission   holds that the Complainant has not really explained what further information he still 

requires and that in the absence of such details it is clear that the  available information has been 

furnished to the Complainant. The complaint   is therefore rejected   and the case is closed at the 

Commission’s end. 


(Annapurna Dixit)
Information Commissioner
Authenticated true copy:

Deputy Registrar


1. Shri Amit Kumar Jain
41, Kherakhati
Nai Mandi
Muzzafarnagar 251 001
Uttar Pradesh

2. The PIO
M/o Railways
O/o Jt. Secretary (G) and CPIO – II
Railway Board
Rail Bhawan
New Delhi

3. Officer incharge, NIC

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