Mr.Anil Kumar vs Government Of Nct Of Delhi on 23 November, 2011

Central Information Commission
Mr.Anil Kumar vs Government Of Nct Of Delhi on 23 November, 2011

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Central Information Commission
Dyc Hkou/ Club Building
iqjkuk ts-,u-;w- ifjlj / Old J.N.U. Campus
ubZ fnYyh ­ 110067 / New Delhi – 110067

No.CIC/AD/A/2011/002185 Dated:  23 November, 2011

Shri Anil Kumar
L Block
Jhuggi No.33/14
Mangol Puri
Delhi 110 083



Reference your appeal dt.27.8.11  filed with the Commission and registered 

vide   Case  No.   CIC/AD/A/2011/002185  against   PIO,   Department   of   Food   and 

Supplies,   GNCTD.   The   RTI   application   dated   1.4.11   was   examined   by   the 

Commission and decision pronounced in case No. CIC/AD/A/2011/002186 which is 

cause of action in the present case. As the subject matter of this complaint is same, 

same order as in case No. CIC/AD/A/2011/002186 will apply  mutatis mutandis  to 

this case too. 

The   case  No.   CIC/AD/A/2011/002185  is   being   treated   as   closed   at   the 

Commission’s   end   and   the   hearing   scheduled   on   25.11.11   at   10.30   am   stands 


Deputy Registrar
Phone No. 26185088

Copy   to:   The   Public   Information   Officer,  Department   of   food   and   Supplies,   O/o 
Assistant   Commissioner(West),   Hall   No.152,   C­Block,   Community   Centre, 
Janakpuri, Delhi

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