Mr. Bhaiya Lal vs Deptt Of Posts on 23 September, 2009

Central Information Commission
Mr. Bhaiya Lal vs Deptt Of Posts on 23 September, 2009
              Central Information Commission

                                                       Dated: 23 September 2009

Name of the Applicant                   :    MR. BHAIYA LAL

Name of the Public Authority            :    DEPTT OF POSTS


1 The Applicant filed an RTI application dated 06.11.08 with the CPIO/Deptt. of
Posts, Lucknow, seeking information related to the recovery of Rs. 35175/-
from his gratuity and short payment of pension, gratuity, commutation
value and leave encashment due to wrong fixation of pay by DA(P) Lucknow.
The CPIO replied on 16.12.08 giving para wise information. Being aggrieved
by the order of the CPIO, the Applicant filed a First Appeal before the
Appellate Authority on 14.01.09. The First Appellate Authority replied vide
letter dated 30.03.09 upholding the decision of the CPIO. Being repeatedly
denied information by the Respondent Authority the Applicant filed a Second
Appeal before the CIC on 24.04.09.

2. The Bench of Mrs. Annapurna Dixit, Information Commissioner, scheduled the
hearing on 23rd September, 2009.

3. Mr. Angad Singh, Dy. Director cum CPIO; Mr Arsad Masood, ACAO and Mr.
U.K. Nigam, AAO represented the Public Authority.

4. The Applicant, Mr. Bhaiya Lal was present during the hearing.


5. After hearing both sides and reviewing the available documents the
Commission holds that all the available information has been provided to the
Appellant. However, in the light of the Appellant’s contention that information
is incorrect, the Commission directs the CPIO to provide an affidavit stating
that information furnished is what is available in the records and also advices
the Applicant to approach an appropriate forum for redressal of his grievance.

6. The appeal is accordingly disposed of.

(Annapurna Dixit)
Information Commissioner
Authenticated true copy:

(G. Subramanian)
Assistant Registrar

1. Mr. Bhaiya Lal,
H.No. S-9/11-15,
Pandeypur, Nai Basti,
Hukulganj Road,
Shivam Tailor’s Lane,
Varanasi Cantt.

2. The CPIO
Deptt of Posts,
O/o the Directors of Accounts (Postal),
U.P Circle,

3. The Appellate Authority
Deptt of Posts,
O/o the CPMG,
U.P Circle,

4. Officer in charge, NIC

5. Press E Group, CIC

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