Mr. Mahabir Prasad Gupta vs Municipal Corporation Of Delhi on 2 March, 2009

Central Information Commission
Mr. Mahabir Prasad Gupta vs Municipal Corporation Of Delhi on 2 March, 2009
                         Room No. 415, 4th Floor,
                       Block IV, Old JNU Campus,
                           New Delhi -110 067
                          Tel.: + 91 11 26161796

                                                  Decision No. CIC /SG/A/2008/00442/2135
                                                         Appeal No. CIC/SG/A/2008/00442

Relevant Facts

emerging from the Appeal

Appellant : Mr. Mahabir Prasad Gupta,
Shop No. 2704, Main Bazar,
Sabzi Mandi, Delhi-110007

Respondent : Mr. R.L.Pruthi
Municipal Corporation of Delhi,
Office of the Assitt. Commissioner,
Civil Line Zone, Delhi.

RTI application filed on                :      06/05/2008
PIO replied                             :      08/05/2008
First appeal filed on                   :      04/06/2008
First Appellate Authority order         :      01/07/2008
Second Appeal filed on                  :      05/09/2008

The Appellant had asked in RTI Application for the license of cloth storage from
License Department, Civil Line Zone.

Detail of required information.

S. No. Information Sought. The PIO replied.

1. Whether Cloth Storage License was issued in the RTI Act is not open to the
name of Janki Dass Mahavir Prasad, Shop No. applicant to ask questions.
2704, Main Bazar, Subzi Mandi, Delhi in the year

2. Whether the storage license was issued and -Do-

renewed on the receipt based only?

3. Whether License card or same of the form other -Do-

than the receipt was ever issued to the applicant?

4. If so, when and date of issue of the same may The relevant record for the
please be given. year 1959-60 is not available
with this office.

5. If no, card form issued than why the license is not The Licence may be renewed
being issued on old receipt basis? on showing the old records in
conforming area/approved
commercial area/local
shopping complex etc.

6. If no card is issued than issue license card or form It is out of the purview of
to avoid this type of problem again? RTI Act.

First Appellate Authority Ordered:

“The appeal was heard on 30/06/2008 at 3.00PM Reply has already been furnished
to the appellant and the same has been found to be satisfactory.

With these observations, the appeal is disposed of accordingly. If the appellant is
not satisfied, he may go for 2nd appeal.”

Relevant Facts emerging during Hearing:
The following were present
Appellant: Mr. Mahabir Prasad Gupta
Respondent: Mr. R.L. Pruthi PIO
The PIO states that MCD does have the records of the period 1959-60. However duplicate
licences are issued. The appellant’s purpose would be served if he applies for a duplicate


The appeal is disposed.

This decision is announced in open chamber.
Notice of this decision be given free of cost to the parties.

Shailesh Gandhi
Information Commissioner
March 2, 2009

(For any further correspondence, please mention the decision number for a quick disposal)

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