Mr S Ramachandra Achar vs P Ramachandra Shettgar on 28 January, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Mr S Ramachandra Achar vs P Ramachandra Shettgar on 28 January, 2009
Author: Huluvadi G.Ramesh
*  :;;a:B3}~s:; R B  Adv. far R2)

 %  %   £9 at aside the judgzmnt and asmd dmd 28.6.2666 in MVC

 the foifowing: yew


Dated this the 23" day of January, 2099

Before _ _
IHEHDN-'E1.E MR msncs 1é1ULzfié:e§1$.?_ ;¢ gx  " 
mscellaramus First  /_  


Mrs Ramachandra Achar, 473% H
Slaw late Subraya Aohar V
Rio Bwu Tlwta, Malipe Ifosz,
Udupi Talnk A   


1 P Ra:na'¢ha::ch*a  T33. ' 
Sfo Na-aymza..she¢tgx;: '  ~~
Rla  Kiaxgjibetm Past

 g  A  I  ..... ..

2  ' .V.Bi~.-man 
'--- 3:-5.T¢--g-av hsdifi  Ce Ltd
 Mam  Ofiioc, Udupi Respondents

-‘ Appeal is filed under S.I’:’3{1) of the Matter Vehicles Act

‘IhisFi:fiAppea}comixxgonforOrdae1s t}n’sdzy,titeCow*t£ie1Wwcted

he is said to have sufiered disability to the extent of 38% to the upper limb.
Claimant has been awarded Rs.25,G00/’- towards pain and

Rs.15,600f- towards medical expenses and Rs.1fl,i)00/-

medical expenses; Rs.5,0£)0/- towards diet, nomisinnent. H

claimant, he was eamm’ g Rs.5,000.«’- per monih. 1 xfixcx.

disability suffered by him, claimant has towards
loss of amenitics and enjoyment A L’ A H

However, it l*..ai.?suifemd disability to
the extent of 38%; H53 nait been awmied any
Rs.600{}s’- tcvwanis loss of
earning rest. Further, taking tiw (fmability
at 10% to whiiké be awarded anoflaer Rs.40,006f-.

wtiuld be entitled to Rs.4-6,090f- over and above what

has lieaiaiiiiwairiieiif 5% interest fiom the date of pezstsm an deposit.

‘iizsurer the amount in flares months fmm the date of fixis order.

ii ” is accordingly, allowed in patt.


ii ‘Judge

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