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M/S Kundan Electronics vs M/S Mahabala Rao And Sons on 25 September, 2008

Karnataka High Court
M/S Kundan Electronics vs M/S Mahabala Rao And Sons on 25 September, 2008
Author: Arali Nagaraj


34 THE ;§.{E*{‘}H :;::0::m’ :3? KARNATAKA AT T
D_A”.{“ED mas THE 25?}: 13123′ u
1/(‘E53 EZGNELE M1i2.Jt_%S4*§i§:E Am:.{,:’%z~:é;”::;1}$;2§2iJ
<::R::v:::\:AL REVISIQE PE;'i"I'ffl£;vQ}'§§V'V'ffJ{}' 1éA7"o1s'% 920138


Ev} / S KL111daI1 E}§€3{§fii’£3}”$:iCS§ –.
Chifikpfit ._ = , —

A §3I'{)pI’1:€i;’: _,?;:’12Si1*;&ss'”Cf
CA°3}’IC€:’iI’fl, ::argj3£ ifi;:;V_QI1_it’$._VV’ ”
B1,1sir1{:’S}§i3’1« $23.6 $536 csf ‘ » .. _
£3T1c:cir€2_1’1i< Sr*i.'\.}".TiZ%yVSv1'f;_i_j;%::'11{1::1':ar, Adv)

'V V' ' ._jSri1Sanjay

: ffM;g'%%:amaba:a Rae 82; 80:33


” –. ..Pa:’£21@r
M/’ S Mahabala Rafi 82, 80123
?é33hrt1 Circie
Shiixzega. , . .i?3E}SPGN.Ef>E;NT

This €§:(*}.RE3′ is filed under Se<:'€;ion 397 <'§:r.Z3'§.T:
§'}€"é3§€§§°Ig ta set; aside {ha O1'€§€}" daixzd 17.€}E.2GG"? passed


_pr0seeuti:3n.. ‘ ‘3

by the XXI Addi. Bangalore City, dismisgiizgthe

cenipiaint fer non pmsecution, O’1’d€E’ I”estc31’a,{:§{_)n.V’t;2?’f.'{,I1r:j


This CTI’i.RF’ canning an fa}? a Q,1:1issiQi1″f3iis.£iaj§;.,fi:€: °’

Cuurt. made the f0Hm:s:iI;g:~


C5386′ cafled twice. E311 the Cbc::é?zs;i€a11s§’, iearned
{.’,-eunse} for the pfifit:i_§:11er I_”?i}LI1_E’f£iI);.§_i(7{ “ab$<::Hi:. 'E"heref0:'e,
the Criminai Re~sri$.§iacar:VV_TVi?'t:=:t:.i3:»i5_3§1 is–"'~di3§i2Vzi§sed for r3.0r:.~




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