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Allahabad High Court
Mukesh Sharma vs Allahabad Nagar Nigam And Others on 11 October, 2000
Equivalent citations: 2000 (4) AWC 3381
Author: M K Bhatt
Bench: M Katju, O Bhatt


M. Katju and O. Bhatt, JJ.

1. This is a public interest litigation praying that the citizens of Rasulabad locality, Allahabad are not being given proper supply of water. Although, this petition is only regarding Rasulabad locality but we are of the opinion that since large parts of the City of Allahabad are often without water hence the scope of the writ petition should be expanded. Therefore, we are treating in this petition the problems of water supply of citizens of the whole of the Allahabad.

2. We have already connected this writ petition to the Writ Petition No. 778 of 2000 and it shall be listed along with that petition.

3. Water is essential for life and hence citizens are Justified in demanding proper water supply. In our opinion, planning and action must be done from right now so that by the time the summer approaches, a proper water supply system may be set up and operated in Allahabad. The present arrangement of water supply is from Khushrubagh Water Works and tube wells. But the said water works was set up during British days and since then the population of the city has increased several times. Hence, much more water is now needed, and for this a proper water supply system must be set up in Allahabad otherwise many citizens would die or get heat stroke during the summer. Supply of water through tube well is only a short-term measure. It may lead to drying up the underground water resources.

4. The respondents are directed to file a reply to this petition within three weeks and also prepare a blue print for setting up a water supply system all over the City of Allahabad. The Committee set up by us in Writ Petition No. 778 of 2000 will monitor the water supply problem in Allahabad also.

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