N A Devaraju S/O Late Ashwathappa vs Padmavathi N W/O N A Devaraju on 9 January, 2009

Karnataka High Court
N A Devaraju S/O Late Ashwathappa vs Padmavathi N W/O N A Devaraju on 9 January, 2009
Author: Manjula Chellur Malimath

LN ‘i’}:~£E maga GUUHI’ OF K1iJ:<fN;%'[£'AKA m' gm <,;A:,Q1§;:;
i_')A"1'E1) *;';~1;s*:*m: 09"' my 09* J7}r\/uf%i2~'f
mza; E-'i'(')I\é 3513+: MRS.JUS'l'iC}33 m'wL%.LA V x

AM) I " _ LL
THE'. HCJEWBLE M;<.a'u's*1'ic§§§*RAvi";»2_Am;»§a'f1}:"'
M.P'.A.N'0.9–9£f;'9 % t [
BE3'1'WEi:)§'~£: % 'L %%

S/0 Late A5hWa:§"iap°;;a,_'. . '

Aged ai3out,.-32$. yéa.1"§;;«:.;;;;:,. * _'

No.2,J.C.Nagar;'V.*_., H _

lbw '$25' Mail}, K:u'uba§a Hf " "

Ev€a}1a}aXmip’u;u?§z:;, ‘ _ V

Bangaiore. ‘. , ” ….APP}::LLAN’1′

,{}:3.y’ f:§1;;::\z: ASSf)(§lA’i’h3S

3:, T..E<2.A§<:J:j;:'N," 33_.P.'v'§€:L?PAE'{S§{A, §?..RAJA, A3v0c;§;'E$.;


Smt.PafimaVa:h_iL E31. ,
_ _’;”z.f2 NA. f}’€Vz31″ajii,
‘ “;§.geL:;i ab<_::m.'t38 years,
{'a."1'%§o.6;_. 161311 Crass,
' ::_j1%e:::;.p1c:Roa.c:, is/iajiashwaram,

% "}33§nga€}or::«56Q 063.

. . , Rh2SP()Nl,)£:;N’i’


‘i”h1s M.E’3′.A. is mad under Secrtion 19g 1} OIL the Famiiy
C{}’L}ft$ Act aga-irzsiz the jutignent and déicmc dated «’E:.9.:;_$f}5
gaassed in £v3.C.i’\l0.’?bi3f20();5 on the Iiie of the I Ad-«e_;”i’;i..__’iv”_I”;’i~.._
Jutige, }”«””ai31i§3: %*:;::{i., Baiigaiore, disimssing ‘u'”,*e.e§*;’**3:7-(:;:t35_fz,”ief;é::_:_; ‘

fzkad by theappeiiarit herein under Section 1.3 { 1-)” ‘{13.}_(‘1i;a}: ”

the Hindu Marriage Act to grant ckzcrec sf diVOFtTI,£j3


'}'his appeal coming 01": for hearing,».§:1avif2?Tg':b'ee.t§ T f
aizd rasczzrved far orders, this daj; "17{Ai:'I' MAi.=§; L.-"::g.'i'.;;. I
pronourlced the :biic)w3;1g:– ' " j ' '


This appeal is flied' bamg
aggrieved by the ju_cig1I1cf:11¢;.. _21f1chi –.V 6.9.2005
passed in 1 Acicii. m.

Judge, }<'ai3.j11;;3:_ iti1$1:.1»jfse:_111§:;*,-' his petition for €i1V{}I'C('3
Sought fer E1; {iaj £113} of the Hmciu


' i£:.Ven'«.:$1a}1gh neticfis have been served 011 the

vF€S@O3?:(5i.E3I}t~$E?iff*§; $h€ has remained absent and no eotmsei

beeflx by flfil' 111 me present apgaai.

A Eieard Sr1.E€.B.SaciashiVa§::spa, 1.earned saunas;

. 15;’ {$16 agapfiiiant.

3′ 1′”


4;. It is the case of the appeiiant

took place 911 18.6.iZG€;}() at T~

and customs. Afézer the mairiage, tiieffiived .1;i;gétiA:e1’*’3§ii* iTh€

house of the aide}: brotheI”‘V’V%G;§’tE,7€e fiiat. thfi
resp0:{1dant;—wife rei’uss:¥§ “:ia to lead a.
happy martin-“:ci iifé aflCi”}]{:1:S’~.§:§¥.’é’VI%l cehabitate wifii
him avefl $3: ;;_3%;§,ef has met been
Cor1s11n1:11a*;f;:d.’ii;§?::% harass 1:116 appeiiant
that he1.},aza§%’>’_A£§L7gi;i?.{§: V;-‘;V’i1e was aged 24 years arid
th<:1'ef0re ':}_;1i?:re 'xvs;fiVs"»A:'}:v.;VA8»» in age and hence: is 110?:

passibie 1:9 Ir1av-3.A rélaiizmsiaip or ceizabitafticn with him.

Iii €»fia.3r_g *:_j}:1e Wmfleti C€}I}'E."iI111{}11$i}f hazsassiilg him 5116;

%;:::::::gie:1g.%"-;m;%;:;g mg secimci week at' March, 29:34, she Est?

V VV _ the }':011sé'a_"="i(i war}: to her parents' hcsuse alang with htii"

.. "§'ht: appe:iEa;r:t liilafifi. hectic efi3:3:*"i:,s :0 i:s:'i:"1g 3161' back

1::r'1;:"é. she 3j'€fL1S€fi ta gain 112111, £311 :2 1.4.2001, the z'<a:5p<:11§€:1";¥:-

wife, hm" byoifiéz' and miners {:a;m.e to the: 3101156 0:' 31¢



7. We have haard SI*i.R.B.Sa{iaS11§’§f駧3é.i;:’*—i€£;a§9:3¢d

caunsei app€a_1″1°:”;g for the af3p6EEééfi{“a;j3gi’-«aI’6′ é;:?1é:_$*i€:w”‘?j12;4i;

the appéal desezves :0 be ai1owe§’~f0f–ti1e f(.)ifi_{¥1:5tf§Iig VI=§é;$<§1'1.s:
{-3"} that the marriaga t£:%fi'ai§pe.IF;a:'§t; 311$ the

zregpendent tack pEa::§6~..Q:'1 Hihéx i'€Sp(}I1d8I"1?L-I

Wife ieff; the second weék of
Ma1*::i::s., ' been cc:nsu1;m:(13.t;ed;

éifld the: since March, 2634.

‘}*}1esev;Vf§i§?;$A be the discord between
the p3:rtiLeS¢.V sepaxata Since March,

200%’. ~_T\§’0m;’it.%,1V$ta1idiEL*’é’g mthf-3 fact that the marriage; was {let

ti”1semfact that the parties are iiving separately

simcrex n §é;’si.:'” four fears; 315:) 1136013 to be sezriousiv
.’ _ . . ‘V J .,

:::ofi’$idfire(£…«””When no efforts have been made by either ef

:iI1€t__ parties to shrimia their (iiff€I’Ei1″1C€3S ami live together,

_’ ‘E:.jE’i€:;*+é caflnet ire axzy hopé 01’ any mcG::3.cii;ia.i;i<m in this

" "':}:.a{'i:%r. it appeam {flat i':h.€: parties have ciezziéed EC) sepamié

and :0 ieaci tfaeir fives izlsziepemiemiily.





(E3) Evétn thaugh the appeilant haeri ‘:0 tags cjixéfsapex’

publicatioza with regard to service of notice, 1″¢~;=.$Vpéi’i<ié;1i+ 4_

wiib has cixogerz net to appear be:E2:t'*t::– .E:hi£3 <Z',.{2'3.i1'éf._ V*£'l1§.VsxY31ct;' A'

also shows that she is not iI:t§§rs:»steci $2.21} 'saw f1:<§r"'iiIia,1€'1"ia\gV'e

by pirsading her casts: beibre tgiiis
(C) The Hafible S'up:'¢n:;_c: 'the case of E'~JAVEEN

KGHLI Vs. NEEELEJ Eécmigi :I*6'};V)4/::;;:1;_<3'c'.i&."vii:§"V'*.{'f2i§O6) 4 SSE': 558
has obsemfgd the break down is
irregaraiyiaé bs Withheld. Ftmtller
that "f3;1b}_i<fiA that not oniy that the

marrécd S"£§3I'{3$ "s.h€§11}d.,.""*.aS far as possible, as iong as

p0ss;i.';€j}'€,LA'sand x%.??§1:-:::1ex.?eV:r possible, be Inajntairxed, but when

"E135 been bmkerz down beyond {ha hape of

s}%i.i#'ége hti;é–.p':g:E§1ic interest lies in the r<::cogz1iti011 af that

-V factf S.ifi::;e”tI;1er& is no acceptable way in w.hic:h the S-pOU3(3
éompeiieci to resume fife with hope, I10’Ch§I1g is
gfififiéfi by txying to gasp the parties tieé foraver £0 3

” ;:1f:arriag@, Wifich has (:6-zased ta exist. it is”; f:_1r1:I1e:’ observed




that the marriage has been broken dawn be}r0nci4.t;ii»:t44_’£:(_3pe

of saivagrs, public interast and imerest of 3.1} E3435

in ma re<::og11ti<:211 of the tact and t(_:ps:i¢ciar_e':"tie-;§L:réé"Wj£":at._ * .

already defunct defacts.

(G3 In View of the fact _ E:£j1::1t iihzé

separately $11236 more thara t”e12r..§}taars., t}1at”i:5h.¢: Ipfaxfiage is
not consummated and iii’v1e:w~91?-.fj»ie”‘1:ia;é1*ia1 0171 record, we
deem it just 3I1Ci_:f1f:C€Sf§éi;f’ tile. fgzppeai and grant

the decree: oi:-c£1€iV=:3’rL*s:.-‘;’–_V ” Q V’

7. Fozf Z rsasons, the marriage of the

appeiiam: soielnnised on 1&5.€*:’>.:¢2UU{) at

Banga§oI”c;._ is £iez”§«:_i::l§;’ mésolved.

@%' N%}¢é§i$;fi      @ A
% _  %%x  Sdf_


 * 1' ¥gng.f-

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