N C Krishnappa vs Venkatesh Babu on 27 March, 2008

Karnataka High Court
N C Krishnappa vs Venkatesh Babu on 27 March, 2008
Author: N.Ananda
nu THE HIGH cwm or Ksmxutrazca. AT 

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8rili.C.I{rhh1’mPP&a ._ .
SM latgflarayaxxappa, * * ‘–

2. Smt.!l.Nmry’n–.[pufiesa§tru: !3.H.S1;1jntln],
D19: N3flK3″3’5».:39 Yi’-‘W’-in
R)’ at: 417.!» Great; – . j


….. ..

Rm: ~12?1’C:x1:de,4**’Ma1n,’


T’ [By Advocate]



(By Sri B.V”eea-W, Advocate)

Cr.P.C.. praying ta quash the: ontire
c:.c.m:.35912oo4 an the ab of Addl.C.J.(Jr.l’:_)m.]
JMFC, Kalar, regintnrad an the basis T L
Complaint. in I-“.C.Ilo.10I2G34»

ofliences punishnbln under

424 and 506 I.P.C.

day, the Court made the ~ .

c.c.No.as9; punhhabb
under wctinzn ml 506 I.P.C.
on tha 51» of and amrc, Kola:

hm m éuflh the

« for dfipoaal of this petition

fibd “- compliant’ undaar Seem’ n

alleging ommceu punishable wider nectiono
323, 355, 385, 420, 4-24 uni 5% I.P.C. The hIIl’1’a3d

‘¥\»5 (g>,v.Wg~~~io12¢\.

_. .4». nun.-.4-no-L nnn-anus u_.r\:|_s:L:;:\:|_.n\u II-A I\I(|1I\II\ II1\III I..I\I|….III..l|I\I|…l\I Ifh I\Il’I.I’\¢\

Ilfilll I..I’\II..lIIJflI\.II-I\I IE. I\If\E.F\ Ilfilll Ll\I\-III-l’I.I\.I\-l\I IE. I\If\E.3 IIEJI

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