N Laxman Rao S/O Nagendra Rao vs Bakshu on 30 November, 2010

Karnataka High Court
N Laxman Rao S/O Nagendra Rao vs Bakshu on 30 November, 2010
Author: N.K.Patil And H.S.Kempanna
m rm mm: mm': cw mmwmm err msmmm
EATEB 1% ms am my 05 NGVEQEER, zcgizxj
Pmszm "   '  

ma I:IO!¥'BLE pm. JUSTICE mt. P9311.  ' 2  T  ' 

'rm Honms bm.J{IS'fi<§E__ ;;.s¢mgpm$X»&,1/[

g.1r.A*§o,V§7 Z2.'     J

H.i«a:mn"§?55?£9:"""  _ 
S]e.Hagmz3.r'a Egan,   '

R/ag'§5zC11}ur35$¥§.$iXa,"<v%._"~--.__ - 3
Kolar    .   Appafimt

 ami sri.:z.s.E1m, Advmates)

$2 a;Abau1%%x:w3n"  3,,
R1 at..Nm9fl?


‘ Be.n@1me– 5&6 62?.

‘{E,C,()wna* 61:’ Larry Km

V ..;%:a.-w[3*z39;

2; ‘Eu Manw,
‘me Grisntal Izmxrmxza {3c¢Ltd.

Hui mé 2, 2*’ 5360:,
Vgfilgan fiarémg

I-{agar Ruad, fih (irons,

B%m:e «- am 92?, Reapcncianm

(By 8rLR.Rq1%a1an, Achmegte for R-Q:
Rafica ta R1 dispmxed. with vista
<1):-'am' dated 26.0"?.20£I=§}

mm' HFA is filed under Sectama' 1'?a{:}""':g£ tI:T_1.e
V&1c1e' 5 Act mama' t the

16.6.2005 puasad in me No. 1748126652 mm, –fi1¢<z£t3:r'a IX
Add}. Judsfia Hmbu-, HD1261' Acddexats ..?.31a:ma

Gzmrt offimafi Causes, Bmgalora, the'olaim.u
pacifinn fer wmpanaation aeéing of


'I'h.~is ma, day,
N.K.PA'I'II.. J., deii'vweé_th_e

t at-izsm cut cf the

imp1;g;¢3VV". .55 ,3 133 5m?" award dated mmzoos
pasgqd aa.%1743}2oo2 an the me. sfthe DC A«:ic11..

Camm, figabrsa {Eity {"I'ribm1a1' fiz-

txibunsd by im impwxw judit and

.Aa.f§c*a1;d;.A:awardec1 a sum of 1'5 ,O(}§££f.3I- with izxrbmmt at

mam the data af pefitien till the dam sf

&a What the vzziahn of ¥15,GQ,QE)fl[- an

awouxzt 61' gm auataixwd Em the: read tztafie
amzident, B$@ r.i'm&at:is&d with the qmmm cf


evamwensatiea awarded by tlm tribunal,
haspr:men1&thi5apwa.L %

2. ‘me brief tam osmamm

amlhnt ciaims that? he was

by oecupafimn ha was: a
you salary sf He
was hak am 1: is tam
mm asf at afbaut 130
pm. twa wlrmleaf (TVS)
to am};-, B.H.Rasad,
the mm af the may
ificxa-4o;31m mm in a high

neglii manner am dashed;

as 3. rmult af which, he fgil dew:

anw.mgeg mftE1ek3r:t’ymno”iaw~theieft1egaftm

..a§pei1a;1:1t, an aomuni; sf which. them £3 &tm°t3;ta&%£i of
A’ leg ‘be% kg, an amunt af winch’ he km

,,.—{;rx’1fi’g$m weatfit far a mind 9:’ mm than 47 days

‘EEL6 firm mm surf the: appeilant that, ha Ema apcmt

huge amunt tsawarda swim} mspmiam,
and a chafi imrziuciing

and on awmznt cf rim injury austaixmd,

wxhmtary mti:: am the

aerxfinue as 11% in the 2 ‘I’a gff’.A’A’ . 9&1

rekevant fiactom inm 1:.-.1aV mu’ V’

patitan _ minim’ Sectia Mgtoi’ Vahficlaes Act.

3. fiastifi-fix appcllant had
amnaidwaticn and the

dam? ” ‘g,I1§’I”}§V ‘am athgrr nah-want mamml an

. inrn mzmideammn the nature

{pf &}1£2IW€:d the saw in part, awarctm’ finial

eoxapegsafign af 2sm,cm1– under tiifi’m’mt mag mm

5% M. from the date cf petiftmn an the am

gmaasn. Beixg azmataafiea with the quantum 05

‘””<$on@ematisn awardaci, appellant has prmmadfi tfm

fir. '% stzbmaion at' the mm

appellant Sri.R'.S.Eh.ai. at the came: is

has mmfttad an error it}. '

rmaonahie c:ampmmt3'r:r3.V A. " A ' L

sufimm, mnveyam, attémiéizt

during traa.!:me:1:zt peziga, 'Eii;scx::mort
and has of future ma faiiud to
take mm documi
appellant was aged
abeu£V"'5¥Q~ 33 a lineman in Beacom,

i€sgi3,£Y?2/ – per month. He was hale

the aaaidem. On amunt of the

he has new ccmpeilezi tie take

v§3ie;nt.;s'r5:- under the Voluntm R t

He being' 5. 1' , as-amt wgfinua his

" fibffisafimn in view {if amgumticn of Ifi mg belnw 1%

he baa spmt raasembka axmuzzt tawarda


amt arid fasfiéw up tfmfitamit fer xmre than thma

months am he Ems ta sufim am
unhayyfrm tiunuglmut hits Iifie and he mum

any etim job other than getting penaiogfi 4_

survxva' and also take mm sf ' ;

has sufiered warmly both aociéily "

to the 1I§u.ru:s' ' ' su.staJned' A} ma.a;

Tm-etm, the innpugapd gndt in Ham
to be modified by am: magmas

finr the 2'"

zmperzéx-313:’-e aria, ccutitmxdazi and
judflnt and award passed;

. V. and the saw is passed afiw zine

the era} and documentary widmw am}.

:’i::f mmpmmbian awarded is just and

and iatezfferm W thine (3€.t1iI’£ fa mt miw

with humxlzty’ ” and fazrfi § he sumaxfi’

VT “”t}:1at. rm matter requirm rwomizimatirm anti just and

zmmnahk mmpezrmation may be awarded. in ammrdam



with law by mwdwfig the judflnt anfi

by the tribuml.

13. After mrafixl <:o;:1sT:c1e:r:;2tié1:'z'::~I_' V ' T "
made by the learned manual
insusrmt and arm §m§;m'¢d% k tk

and award gamed gnzypo-m that
ax-mas' for eoxxsidm-aiicgg; lie,

Whetflm q,Ai%%,,a,%g;;; ' :1 is just wad

the aral arfl
dmmm __t'a1fy his on file has awarcieci juat
of ¥5$,6QQl- txzwards

. ?20,9C¥3/- rewards 1033 vf umzcita}.

u 1'15, mterf' {aw by thia 9922.1': 73 mt

~ The e of thc amédezxt ma the

' injuries am not in disputa. The appelknt was

aged about 56 years am by wcupaticn he was: a

l:in working in Bea-mm tirawkg a @933 aalary af
R5.13.G?'2i~ pm' macmth as pm' EXFS. Gr: awzmnt cf the

/ »_#_w_"_W_m,_4..

sustained in the rcaé txsafic: awiéent, is
amputafinn fiffiifi left leg hem lame. Tm

rightly mmed . ciiaahility at 59%

is axhed. and as he had

more than 47′ days in a J

mmm, m mgh’ 1: mug hugfi”

caonvnyanoe. We pl.» m1gh’ 1:
have IH bed for a.

period' of tI'n*a=:¢,_     unhappirms

En  """  1     he has 'En pull an
 his fife. These aspects
af f£.;"--:x=.*.    been new my not

%    mmm, Wu deem it fit m

%1,2s,eo9;- tewarda Enjury, pain’ am

!?5,0E3Gj~» awarded by the tribunal,

..f?£.§,<.3(3aiIfi- wizards mnvegram, murfikmt ané

shrew, ?39,216]-~ {awards has of hamnw

am-M a'¢atmm:1tp»erxo~c1' 313,072 x 3), ma af amazes,

dfiwsomfert and mmppmm at ?'?'5,000/ -. Fmm, Elna


X/' w'_fi_"__" W",


tzribunai erarrefi in awarding any ?2.88,000/-»

1:333 af futum inczczmfig

9. It is mat, in dispute: that, the

cirawfi a. gross aalaxy cf f13,f.?7’$Zi~. t’::i1tx3:;fVV ‘ T

wlvlch, if z1,2m;.~ {award}

towards prs:-feaafional tax

comes tn !’1}.,’?’fl[– , “Egg: a§’._ of
£5,000» per manta mm” 113′ g
amxznt The appellant

was apprepriate mulfipikar
is 13 ixg1’n’ ef the Aym caurt in

–Vgm:;:7 GE: 34″: Tmaapart Cfoipar-amen & A19′.

. éfigx A1298. Thc: aaamsmtsnt cf dimbflrty”

at 53% is axprtzecig we ra-

::1e”*i:<:rxxr_xi1imu mmqaematimn mvtvarda has of fixture

"ax 24,45,315/– (25,722 :3: 12 x 13×5£Z}]}.0B} as

A z2.ss,cm:-« awamad by am tribuxxal.


the appflant in antitled m mmpemafimn as follows:

Iniuty, pain5asufi’m’ing ¥1.25k%.<2w;-

Medical mpemes .~_ A'

Cc:n\aeyanc:e, nonriahmxzt, food & –.4 ?15.,§k34".},' '


Lma ofimzcme rial pmind af . A' " V' n


Lama af

Loves offi1ture mmme ' jV"¥fif'$5g3_16/' –. L'

Losaafmaritalproamts €120,000

in wrt'
'n mt-itlea 13:: beta}

L of 2'7,'2'a,532;-» as agxmm

%%y*%s,w%m§;~ awartiacl by the m:bum.1 with

__ at th& rate of 5% pa. fifam ma data

M petitiqfi. an the am af mmamann. Tm

'A enhaw axtxetmt mmw to ?2,'?8,532i–.

: (153) mzm mpamm— mum is mm 1213
depasit the firms-ed amunt with fifrtamt
at6%pm*Wumfi~omthe:ia%3 azsfpenfion
til}; the data 3f dafgmiii, within mm wawiw

if WM_M,,_,-

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