Nagendra Pd. Sinha vs Bhojpuri Academy & Ors on 14 November, 2011

Patna High Court – Orders
Nagendra Pd. Sinha vs Bhojpuri Academy & Ors on 14 November, 2011
                              Miscellaneous Jurisdiction Case No.5170 of 2010

Nagendra Pd. Sinha
…. …. Petitioner/s
Bhojpuri Academy & Ors
…. …. Respondent/s
Appearance :

For the Petitioner/s : Mr. Lakshmi Kant Tiwary, Advocate
For the Respondent/s : Mr. Ravinder Kr. Chaubey, SC 8

7 14-11-2011 Pursuant to our order dated 3.11.2011, the Director,

High Education, Government of Bihar, Patna is personally present

in Court. He has also filed a show cause explaining the reasons

why show cause could not be filed within two weeks in

compliance of order dated 12.10.2011. There may be good

reasons for delay in filing of the show cause but there is absolutely

no good reason why no instruction was given to learned SC 8 even

for seeking adjournment. In contempt matters, the authorities are

required to be more alert and prompt. However, in the facts of the

case, further personal appearance of the Director is dispensed with.

From the show cause filed on behalf of the State and its

officials, it transpires that against the order of the Division Bench

contained in Annexure- 1 dated 20.7.2010, a Special Leave

Petition has been filed in the Supreme Court vide diary no.27300

of 2011. The date of filing of the SLP is not mentioned in the show
Patna High Court MJC No.5170 of 2010 (7) dt.14-11-2011


cause. However, since this contempt petition is pending since

16.12.2010, it is expected that the concerned respondents shall

take required steps to expedite the hearing of the SLP for the

purpose of admission or stay. For that, four weeks time is granted.

Put up this matter after four weeks. The case shall

retain its position in the list.

(Shiva Kirti Singh, J)

(Shivaji Pandey, J)


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