Need To Enquire Alleged Harassment Of The Jnu Students By The Police. on 16 March, 2000

Lok Sabha Debates
Need To Enquire Alleged Harassment Of The Jnu Students By The Police. on 16 March, 2000

PROF. A.K. PREMAJAM (BADAGARA): I may be permitted to draw the attention of the House to a very alarming and grave news item which appeared in The Hindu, dated 14.3.2000 captioned `JNU students – alleged harassment by the police’.

*Not Recorded.

Many students who participated in the agitation demanding hostel accommodation and such other important requirements in the JNU are harassed by the police.

MR. SPEAKER: Madam, in `Zero Hour’ you cannot read the entire statement. You can only mention the important points. It is not a discussion.

PROF. A.K. PREMAJAM (BADAGARA): Yes, Sir, I am mentioning that the incident took place in September, 1999 but even after the lapse of six months these students, who agitated for democratic rights of the students, are being harassed and intimidated by the police just as it happens in a police raj. I can give you any number of examples. One example is, Jyothermayi, who actually stood first in the PG entrance examination for Economics, has been asked to bring five certificates from his respectable neighbours. Another student from Bihar has been asked to bring a Conduct Certificate. The police entered a marriage ceremony and harassed the students.

Sir, parents of another student, Arun from Kerala were questiond by the Police agencies. Are we having a Police Raj here? So, I urge upon the Government, especially the hon. Minister of Human Resource Development, Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi to look into this matter and order an enquiry.

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