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Lok Sabha Debates
Need To Provide Compensation To The Families Of Those Farmers Who Lost … on 3 August, 2010


Title: Need to provide compensation to the families of those farmers who lost their lives and crops due to menace of wild animals in Theni Parliamentary Constituency, Tamil Nadu.

SHRI J.M. AARON RASHID (THENI):  In my Theni Parliamentary Constituency, which is surrounded by hills, wild animals including wild elephants, wild bears, bison are found in abundance. These animals frequently come out to the villages lying near the forest areas and damage the crops. Cultivation of sugar cane, banana, ground nut and coconut trees carried out by the poor farmers are damaged. The poor farmers suffer heavy losses on this count. These wild animals are also attacking people. Recently 5 people have been killed by wild elephants in these areas. The Central Government has not provided compensation to the families of those killed despite repeated requests. I would request the Government to release the compensation to these victims immediately and also to erect wire fencing across the borders of these forests areas so that wild animals do not stray in to and damage the crops of poor agriculturists. I also urge upon the Government to provide immediate financial assistance to the poor farmers whose crops have been damaged by wild animals.




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