Need To Provide More Facilities At Calicut Airport. on 10 June, 1998

Lok Sabha Debates
Need To Provide More Facilities At Calicut Airport. on 10 June, 1998

Title: Need to provide more facilities at Calicut Airport.

SHRI E. AHAMED (MANJERI): Calicut Airport has now become one of the busiest Airports in the country having 64 flights per week. Out of 64 flights 32 overseas flights are operated jointly by Air India and Indian Airlines and another 32 weekly flights between Calciut-Mumbai, Calicut-Chennai, Calicut-Coimbatore and Calicut-Bangalore by Indian Airlines and private Airlines.

However, despite 32 international flights per week, Calicut Airport still lacks many of the facilities, with the result thousands of passengers are put to difficulties and hardships. First stage of expansion of the runway from 6000 ft to 7500 ft has been completed but not provided Glide Angle Indicator, Approach Light Indicator, Control Light, etc., necessary for night landing. Edge lights have also not been provided so far. There is no Aero Bridge. Even the arrival and departure lounge for the passengers are lacking convenience. There are no facilities for the passengers to make outside calls.

There is a long-standing demand for operation of direct flight from Calicut to Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia even when there are thousands of passengers awaiting the journey.

I would urge upon the Government to seriously consider this demand as Calicut Airport gives sizeable revenue to Indian Airlines, Air India. Airport Authority of India should give due consideration for its development and to provide amenities to the passengers.

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