Need To Upgrade Passport Office At Madurai, Tamil Nadu. on 27 August, 2001

Lok Sabha Debates
Need To Upgrade Passport Office At Madurai, Tamil Nadu. on 27 August, 2001

Title: Need to upgrade passport office at Madurai, Tamil Nadu.


(MADURAI): Sir, nowadays, many youths aspire to go abroad in search of prospective employment. Similarly, businessmen have to visit different countries for furtherance of their interest.

So, the demand for the passport is on the increase. For the entire southern districts of Tamil Nadu, we have an office at Thiruchirappalli for the issuance of passport. The second one at Madurai is only a collection counter. That apart, all the important post offices in Tamil Nadu have been authorised to accept passport applications from the public and forward them to the issuing authority. In this way, the passport office at Thiruchirappalli is heavily burdened with innumerable applications. As a result, delay in the issue of passport becomes inevitable.

Therefore, to reduce the pressure of work at Thiruchirappalli and for quick issuance of passports to the public, the forwarding office at Madurai may be upgraded into a full-fledged passport office.

I, therefore, request the hon. Minister of External Affairs to kindly explore the possibility in this regard and initiate appropriate action.



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